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Gorgoroth - Trivia

The opening of the song "Sorg" from the Antichrist album is taken the song "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica.
The subtitle of the 1998 album Destroyer is "Or About How To Philosophize With The Hammer", which is also the subtitle of Nietzsche's The Twilight Of The Idols, which itself would be a future Gorgoroth album title.
Gorgoroth not only refuses to publish their lyrics, but also actively suppresses any public showings of fan-written reconstructions. The reason for this suppression is not fully known, though possible reasons include the desire to prevent other bands from covering Gorgoroth material as well as the preservation of the genre's characteristic remoteness and exclusivity. While they never printed their lyrics even before Gaahl joined the band - due to Infernus' beliefs - since he joined in 1998 this stance has been cemented. As a practitioner of old Nordic Shamanism, Gaahl has expressed his belief that words instantly lose their meaning and value once written down. The metal-lyric website contains the message "Gorgoroth lyrics removed due to copyright complaint by the band," in lieu of any actual lyrics. displays a cease-and-desist message from Arne Beckmann of Prophecies Publishing.
In July 2008, Gaahl revealed in an online interview that he was involved in the creation of "Wynjo", an upcoming fashion collection for women, together with Norwegian modeling agent Dan De Vero and designer Sonja Wu. In the interview, De Vero told the journalist that "Kristian and I developed a close relationship, and he often told me he had strong feelings for me."
On February 1st, 2004, during a live broadcast concert in Kraków, Poland, the band displayed sheep heads on stakes, a bloodbath of 80 liters of sheep's blood, satanic symbols, and four naked crucified models on stage. A police investigation took place with allegations of religious offense (which is prosecutable under Polish law) and cruelty to animals. Though these charges were considered, the band was not charged as it was ruled that they were unaware of the fact that what they were doing was illegal, although the concert organizer faced two years in prison as he knew about it and neither informed the band that it was against the law nor intervened. The whole controversy led to the band being dropped from the roster of the Nuclear Blast Tour and the footage of the concert being confiscated by the police.
Gorgoroth (also called the Plateau of Gorgoroth) is a place in J.R.R. Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth. It is a plateau in north-western Mordor in the midst of which stands the volcano Mount Doom. To the east of Mount Doom upon a spur of the Ered Lithui, Sauron constructed his fortress of Barad-dûr. During the War of the Ring, Gorgoroth was the location for the mines and forges that produced Mordor's arms and armour.

Gorgoroth was also the name of a range of mountains to the north of Doriath, in Beleriand.

The name Gorgoroth has become notable for its strikingly ugly sound, more so than many names related to Sauron and the Orcs. For that reason, several black metal bands assumed it as their name, of which one rose to certain fame within the black metal scene.