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Anathema - Trivia

Contrary to popular belief it was Duncan Patterson who actually veered Anathema towards a softer direction, also he wrote the Anathema classic "A Dying Wish".
Their 1999 album 'Judgement', the track "One Last Goodbye" in particular, is dedicated to the brothers' mother, Helen Cavanagh, who died in 1998.
Contrary to popular belief, Jari Mäenpää (Ensiferum, Wintersun) was not a tour buddy, nor did he play on any albums of Anathema.
In the early part of their career, Anathema were among the best-known death-doom metal bands around. They've progressively changed to the softer modern rock sound they possess today, and even if their depressive lyric writing stood the test of time much longer, this has changed too.