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KMFDM - Trivia

The Music Video for "Juke Joint Jezebel" uses clips from live performances and clips from the Japanese animated film "Patlabor" released in 1989.
Drummer Andy Selway played drums for two songs on the 2008 Ayumi Hamasaki album, Guilty. Hamasaki is among the biggest Pop singer/songwriters in Japan.
KMFDM is an initialism for the nonsensical and grammatically incorrect German phrase "Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid", which literally translates as "no majority for pity" but is typically given the loose translation of "no pity for the majority" or "no mercy for the masses".
The most common account of the origin of the name involves Konietzko cutting headlines from German newspapers and shuffling around the words to produce the now infamous expression. The name was shortened to "KMFDM" in 1985 in order to simplify the long phrase, with one popular account having Raymond Watts originating the acronym to avoid the difficulties he had in pronouncing the German.
When they moved to the United States in the early 90s, the music press had a lot of problems with them and made up a number of things about the band. Most notoriously, the meaning of the band's name was constantly debated and a theory that all of the band's releases are titled using 5 letter words emerged.

To mock the press, the band made a contest for the most innovative meaning of the acronym KMFDM and indeed started naming their albums using solely 5 letter words (and even changing the spelling of words and inventing symbols to keep up this tradition). "Hau Ruck" (2005) was the first album since "Don't Blow Your Top" that did not have a 5 letter title.