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Cynic - Trivia

Vocalist/guitarist Paul Masvidal and drummer Sean Reinert are openly gay. However, they've often stated that they are not attracted to each other.
Former bassist Sean Malone has a Ph.D in music theory from the University of Oregon. His main areas of focus are music cognition, absolute pitch and Schenkerian Analysis.
At the end of January 2008, the Wacken Open air organization "accidentally" booked the "wrong" Cynic. They believed they had booked the US Technical/Progressive Death Metal band while they have had negotiations with the UK NWOBHM band Cynic. When they realized their "mistake" in February they brusquely scrapped UK Cynic from their line up roster. A few weeks later they confirmed that US Cynic would be playing WOA 2008.

Tim Batkin, UK Cynic drummer commented: "German people have an enviable and just reputation for thoroughness and attention to detail, so it is very disappointing to report that during negotiations for Cynic to play at Wacken (including telephone conversations to and from England), that whilst they booked and promoted a "British heavy metal band from Worcester, England", they (Wacken organizer Thomas) believed he had entered into contract with a thrash metal band from the US.
Dear Thomas (ever the promoter professional), when he realised his error (well, in fact, he sent our team a link to Wikipedia of Cynic U.S. and asked if that was us), and when receiving the negative response, binned us from the show.
So, sorry, guys, we won't be playing. If anyone could suggest another venue, we would be all ears to come and play. In the meantime, and putting this distraction behind us, we will crack on with the album and get it out to you."
In 1992, the hurricane "Andrew" destroyed Paul Masvidal's house, which delayed even further the recordings of their album 'Focus'.