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Candlemass - Trivia

Dactylis Glomerata is a scientific name of the grass known in English as cock's-foot or cocksfoot grass, and Leif Edling is allergic to it.
Thomas Vikström called himself Thomas Senseless when playing with a glam band.
Thomas Vikström played a transvestite in a video with the swedish band Vildsvin.
Thomas Vikström sang on some of the signatures for Disney Tv Shows in Sweden.
The first Candlemass video was directed by none other than Jonas Åkerlund who made later videos for Roxette, Moby, The Prodigy ("Smack My Bitch Up"), Madonna ("Ray of Light", "Music"), The Cardigans ("My Favourite Game"), Metallica ("Turn the Page", "Whiskey in the Jar"), Jamiroquai ("Canned Heat") and many many more.

For a detailed list of Åkerlund's work visit Wikipedia