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Timo Tolkki - Involved In New Project With Caterina Nix

Multi-instrumentalist Timo Tolkki is always involved in many projects in his career and there is a new one on the horizon. This time, Timo Tolkki will join forces with Chilean singer Caterina Nix in Chaos Magic. And Frontiers Music Srl is taking care of the impending release of their self-titled debut album on July 3rd in Europe and July 10th in North America. Find out more about Chaos Magic below. The label likens the music to the recent Within Temptation releases. You can have a taste of that below.

The name Chaos Magic encompasses the new alliance between Finnish songwriter/producer Timo Tolkki (former Stratovarius) with Chilean-born singer Caterina Nix. The singer has already collaborated with Timo on the second chapter of the Timo Tolkki's Avalon rock opera Angels Of The Apocalypse, where she shared lead vocals on songs with such heavyweight singers as Simone Simons (Epica), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), and Floor Jansen (Nightwish).

Caterina's career started by singing lead vocals for the Chilean metal band Aghonya.

"I met Timo in Chile some years ago, during one of his visits to the country with Stratovarius," tells Caterina. "I remember going to a meet-and-greet with the band, and Timo and I just started talking like we had known each other for ages. We developed a very nice sort of father to daughter friendship and we have been in contact ever since. One day I decided to send him my music, just to know his opinion about it, and thankfully, he was pleasantly surprised. That's how it all started really."

The Chaos Magic album was written, performed and produced by Tolkki to develop the vocal talent of Caterina. "I feel the music Timo created for this project is very current, it's strong and also shows some more delicate moments, without losing its edge," continues Caterina. "It was a joy for me to sing these beautifully contagious songs. I did my best to bring emotion and passion into the songs, which I guess wasn't so hard, since I was truly so excited."

"I hope this album reaches several layers of music listeners, it's quite captivating and nothing would make me happier than singing these songs live... giving myself to the audience and feeling that connection, which is truly priceless to me," concludes Caterina.

  • Caterina Nix - Lead Vocals
  • Timo Tolkki - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards - Production
  • Jami Huovinen - Drums

    Band profile: Timo Tolkki's Avalon
  • Posted: 21.05.2015 by BloodTears


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    21.05.2015 - 20:54

    Great, but what about Avalon Pt. 3 ???!!!
    21.05.2015 - 21:00
    Black Knight
    Written by Sword_Chant on 21.05.2015 at 20:54

    Great, but what about Avalon Pt. 3 ???!!!

    After hearing Part 2... I am seriously not craving for a part 3.

    And this doesn't sound good either. Timo Tolkki has long been an uncreative musician and the few albums that proved otherwise were mere accidents. This chick would've done better without him, but well... he has the reputation and maybe he can help her promote herself better.
    21.05.2015 - 21:04

    Written by ManiacBlasphemer on 21.05.2015 at 21:00

    Written by Sword_Chant on 21.05.2015 at 20:54

    Great, but what about Avalon Pt. 3 ???!!!

    After hearing Part 2... I am seriously not craving for a part 3.

    I agree, but Part 1 was decent, probably the best thing Tolkki released in a long time.
    22.05.2015 - 01:40

    Can't say this interest me, not one all, it all feels so rushed and uninspired.
    Besides last year's Allen/Lande the last good Timo album was under the Symfonia banner in 2011.
    The Avalon albums The Land Of New Hope and Angels Of The Apocalypse where both decent but nothing more < my opinion of course!
    Would actually be more interested in a Pt. 2 of Warrior Of Light, a new Allen/Lande (too soon?) or a new Symfonia album rather then this new stuff.
    If you could call it new...
    22.05.2015 - 07:19
    Am I the only one who instantly thought of the CATALINA WINE MIXER ?
    22.05.2015 - 08:19

    I don't want to be bad with Timo, but he is musically drained...
    23.05.2015 - 07:44
    M C Vice
    Written by Irritable Ted on 22.05.2015 at 23:10

    " We developed a very nice sort of father to daughter friendship" Bet Timo wasn't thinking that.

    Hillbilly father to daughter?
    "Another day, another Doug."
    "I'll fight you on one condition. That you lower your nipples."
    " 'Tis a lie! Thy backside is whole and ungobbled, thou ungrateful whelp!"

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