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Abattoir's Concert Hunt - Round 15 & 16 (Concert Review) / Round 17 & 18 (Preface)

Written by: Abattoir
Published: 30.04.2019

Round 15 : Hans Zimmer (13.04.2019 - Graz/Austria) --> Venue: Stadthalle


This time I was heading out to our "northern neighbour," Austria, not far from our border, to the city of Graz, where I was part of a pretty special audio-visual event. Hans Zimmer is a world-renowned composer of film scores, based in Hollywood. He has composed music for over 150 films; just to mention a few: The Lion King, The Last Samurai, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Gladiator, The Dark Knight, The Da Vinci Code, Inception, Interstellar, Madagascar, Hannibal, etc. This music event, dubbed The World Of Hans Zimmer - A Symphonic Celebration, presented some of his work with a symphony orchestra from the Belarus Bolshoi Theatre, the Belarus Radio and Television Choir, and special, very talented musicians/vocalists (presented here), all of them led by English conductor Gavin Greenaway. Unfortunately, Hans Zimmer himself was not present and was not performing on this tour, as he was on some previous occasions.

This was a seated event held in a venue called Stadthalle, which in this case accepted at least around 7,000-8,000 people. With enormous interest, the event was sold out. I wasn't positioned at a place where I could have the "perfect" view of the stage, but still, the listening part was the one that mattered in first place - although along with the music there were lots of visual effects that improved and spiced up the whole show. Of course, it's a special type of a musical event that you really cannot be part of that often. In fact, the occasions and possibilities to attend it are rare. I'm glad I made it to this one.

The execution and performance were on a very high professional level, which is what I had expected prior this show. I'm not trying to evaluate the orchestra or solo musicians/vocalists (because I'm not capable of doing so); it's just a general observation and impression regarding the connection to the complete sound output. All the instruments and elements of the orchestra, combining with solo performers and occasional choir sections... all these pieces intertwining into such magnificent, otherworldly musical output (of those certain movie soundtracks). It simply drags you to some other aural outer space of musical perception.

Regarding the songs and the set list (available below), it was normal and logical that some of them I preferred to others. Understandably, the certain movie soundtracks I'd already heard and enjoyed more than others also played a significant role within this experience. The ones I personally enjoyed the most: The Dark Knight, Rush, Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron, Gladiator, and Pirates Of The Caribbean for a grand slam finish. All in all, an outstanding musical evening.

Setlist as follows:

01. The Dark Knight
02. King Arthur
03. Mission Impossible 2
04. Pearl Harbor
05. Rush
06. The Da Vinci Code
07. Madagascar
08. Spirit - Stallion Of The Cimarron
09. Kung Fu Panda
10. Holiday
11. Hannibal
12. The Lion King
13. Gladiator
14. Inception
15. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Round 16 : [band]Sleep/band] (05.04.2019 - Ljubljana/Slovenia) --> Venue: Kino Siska


US (astronaut) stoner doom outfit Sleep landed in our space for the very first time. The legendary trio consists of bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros (also Om and Shrinebuilder), guitarist Matt Pike (also High On Fire), and drummer Jason Roeder (also Neurosis). Yeah, talking about all smashing bands these members are involved in. All masters of their own professions. After 15 years, the band released a new album, The Sciences, in 2018, and this minor European spring tour (five dates) was just a foretaste for what is to follow (regarding the touring cycles). This gig was held in Kino Siska and was completely sold out. The event brought lots of fans from neighbouring countries to our capital city, since, of course, this was the only show booked within a radius of 650 miles. Lucky me. Although, as I said, Sleep will be returning to Europe this fall for more live appearances.

Without any pressure or holding back, the beginning was extremely heavy and striking. Opening with a 16-minute-long, fairly down-tempo (for the most part) track "Leagues Beneath," the band already indicated from the beginning in what way the performance would head on. Matt Pike's abrasive guitars created such a monstrous sound with their heavily distorted riffs that they could simply throw you to the ground if you were not prepared for them. In this aspect, Cisneros on bass and Roeder on drums were providing a strong, compact base for this generally massive sound. Following with the more than 25-year-old track "Holy Mountain," the mood began slowly to settle down into one of transcendence (which I don't mean in any negative way). The whole show was on a high level of performance, from the first track to the last, just playing the smashing, slowly-paced stoner metal and not giving a fuck about anything else. Delicious. From all aspects, piece by piece, I was a bit surprised considering the whole show, but not unprepared.

Sleep demonstrated how to serve the starving spectators with their 90-minute stoner doom jam. Without any interaction with the crowd, they left the stage, received grand applause from a fully loaded hall, and that was it. No encore whatsoever. Nailed it. Loved it.


01. Leagues Beneath
02. Holy Mountain
03. Marijuanaut's Theme
04. The Clarity
05. Sonic Titan
06. Giza Butler
07. The Botanist
08. Dragonaut

Round 17 : Mono, Årabrot, Jo Quail (25.04.2019 - Zagreb/Croatia) --> Venue: Klub Mocvara


Japanese seductive post-rock masters Mono, Norwegian noise-rock/post-punk operatives Årabrot, and London-based virtuoso cellist Jo Quail are on the menu this time. Mono are one of my favourites in many aspects, so this is definitely one of the most anticipated gigs I'll attend in the whole year. I'm not familiar with Årabrot, so not much can be said about them from my side. On the other hand, Jo Quail should certainly be up my alley regarding taste, as I have become a cello enthusiast in recent years (not playing it, just listening).

Entrance fee: 12? (including travel costs)

Round 18 : Suffocation, Belphegor, God Dethroned, Nordjevel, DarkRise (28.04.2019 - Graz/Austria) --> Venue: Explosiv Club


'Europe Under Black Death Metal Fire' is a tour that will bring a whole lot of bands and music to the stage, with Suffocation and Belphegor in a leading role. THe package will include five bands. And from all above mentioned, US death metal unit Suffocation is the only one I've seen before and also the main reason to attend this gig. Belphegor are touring quite a lot in general and have been close by many times, but I have never been able to see them. Also, God Dethroned might bring a little more expectation from my side. We'll see.

Entrance fee: 90? (including travel costs)

Written on 30.04.2019 by Attending all sorts of music events is my thing.


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