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Jordfäst interview (01/2023)

With: Olof Bengtsson, Elis Edin Markskog
Conducted by: Netzach (skype)
Published: 07.01.2023

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For my third interview this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the guys from Jordfäst, whose recent Av Stoft I reviewed here. Watch the interview to see us talk about the band's past, present, future, concepts, stories, inspirations, and composition process. We also sidetracked into conversations about ancient Sweden and Swedish melancholy, how history and humanity repeats itself, folk music, death, religion, Heaven and Hell, Anaal Nathrakh, the shittiness of streaming services, lawmaking, and much more. Watch the interview to find out!

Posted on 07.01.2023 by 100% objective opinions. Integer ratings only. 7.0 means it's a good album.

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