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This Is Spinal Tap review


This Is Spinal Tap is a 1984 rockumentary/mockumentary about a parody heavy metal band, Spinal Tap, which was accompanied by a soundtrack album, entitled This Is Spinal Tap, released in 1984. The success of this movie was so big that since it was released, the members of the band portrayed by Michael McKean (as David St. Hubbins), Christopher Guest (as Nigel Tufnel) and Harry Shearer (as Derek Smalls), have been made famous for their participation in it. Actually, after This Is Spinal Tap the band formed and released two more albums in 1992 and 2009.

This Is Spinal Tap is a great comedy movie, it's most probably the first mockumentary to be released, all the songs played by Spinal Tap are really comic and were written by Rob Reiner, the director of the movie, and the three actors mentioned above. Most of the scenes in it are well known, scenes like: Stonehenge; the box that didn't opened during the concert; the "11" level in the guitar amplifier; and of course the stupid remarks by Nigel Tufnel portrayed by Christopher Guest. The main actors performed in good level, every song is performed by the actors, all of them are competent musicians. This "fake movie" is definitely a good portrait of the life of most rock'n'roll bands that lived for one or two hits; just like Spinal Tap in the film, the band is definitely a "has-been" musical group. Technically speaking the movie is very well written with very amusing dialogues, the actors' performances are very good. The film in itself has a very short duration, with almost 80 minutes. Being so short, it never gets boring; it's a solid comedy movie with amazing and classical comic scenes, like I mentioned above.

This Is Spinal Tap is a great movie, it's a really great example of how successful the careers can be of the actors that even nowadays continue to portray the Spinal Tap act. Very amusing and comic!! In my opinion the best music related comedy movie ever written. Although a comedy, transmits a great reality of hit bands that lived with only one or two hits.

Written by AndMetalForAll | 04.02.2012

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