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Beheaded - Recounts Of Disembodiment review


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Band: Beheaded
Album: Recounts Of Disembodiment
Release date: 2002

01. Broken Thoughts Of Righteousness
02. Horde Of The Stolen Sun
03. Recounts Of Disembodiment
04. Consecrated Absurdities
05. Compelling Derangement
06. Inherited Plague
07. Fed Upon Odium
08. Disdain
09. Spreading Contagion
10. Unbound

I can really imagine this band in their teen ages hearing a lot of Suffocation's Effigy Of The Forgotten album.

Beheaded on the whole has many influences by this particular band and sometimes those influences can switch into rip-offs, for example we have in this album "Broken Thoughts Of Righteousness" this particular track sounds exactly like "Seeds of The suffering" in some parts, then the second tune, "Horde Of The Stolen Sun", sounds exactly like "Liege Of Inveracity" in some riffs, anyway after this songs ends the real Beheaded starts and here's where everything actually fits and sounds amazing.

Let me get all things nice and sparkling clear, the tracks I mentioned are NOT bad songs, those tunes are just very similar to some Suffocation songs but the final product is not at all awful or something, anyway, the album starts in a very powerful and aggressive way, but everything comes into it's own with the song "Recounts Of Disembodiment", starting with a long and shivering growl, then the riffing, the drumming and the bass playing are all really offering a lot of incredible moments, the Suffocation influence is still there but in less amounts.

The best track in this album is "Compelling Derangement", it starts very slow with a weird but catchy riff, along this incredible riffing we can hear the bass-lines louder than ever, and the drumming is also spectacular, the most amazing thing with this tune are the overwhelming bridges, starting with a crazy drum beat (0:11) to change the whole feeling of the song, then again but now with a shivering pause (0:46), then the best one with obligated riffs (1:45) and so on(2:16), (2:30), etcthis tune is really breath-taking. Another great song is "Unbound" (including the awesome intro called "Spreading Contagion") this song is by far the most brutal song in this CD, so if you are into head-banging you'll surely love this track.

The lyrics are somehow really philosophical, I really can't understand what this guys are trying to express in a certain way, "skies oozing blood of the suffering ones" ok that's clear, "Celestial music unbinds the spirit from earthly flesh" ok let me re-read this one "Numb beings roam the seas of mental muteness" damn I must be stupid or something. This was the easy ones believe me.

In the end this album is truly amazing, an astonishing orgy of blast beats, catchy riffs, crazy ascending solos, complex bass-lines, and a quaking voice. I highly recommend this album.

Recommended if you like: Suffocation, Decapitated, Sons Of Chaos

Written by Herzebeth | 27.11.2005


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14.03.2011 - 02:07
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One of the things I love about this band is that they're brutal death metsal, yet their songs don't all sound the same. Great band, great album. Horde of the Stolen Sun is my fave song.
27.05.2011 - 03:55

Excellent cd. Almost every song is great.

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