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Devin Townsend - Epicloud review


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Band: Devin Townsend
Album: Epicloud
Release date: September 2012

Disc I
01. Effervescent!
02. True North
03. Lucky Animals
04. Liberation
05. Where We Belong
06. Save Our Now
07. Kingdom
08. Divine
09. Grace
10. More!
11. Lessons
12. Hold On
13. Angel
14. Epicloud [vinyl bonus]
15. Cry Forever [iTunes bonus]
16. Take My Ego [iTunes bonus]

Disc II [Epiclouder]
01. Believe [demo]
02. Happy Birthday [demo]
03. Quietus [demo]
04. Heatwave [demo]
05. Love Tonight [demo]
06. The Mind WASP [demo]
07. Woah No! [demo]
08. Love And Marriage [demo]
09. Socialization [demo]
10. Little Pig [demo]

One of the alluring aspects of Devin Townsend's genius is that none of his albums are the same. Constantly trying something new, each album a contrast to the last, Epicloud is no different.

Closest to the Addicted album with a similar uplifting spirit and the welcome return of Anneke to offer her majestic tones throughout the album. Epicloud is a simple album, but a colourful and diverse one too. The structure of each song is very straight-forward, almost as a metal album inspired by pop music. It is put together and executed wonderfully as the gospel choir sings us into this album that manages to be bright, light and catchy, but also epic and heavy too.

Incredibly memorable and warm, Epicloud really hits the spot. With its simple structures and catchy songs, the album might initially take some persuasion to leave your CD player. With choir-laden, heavy stomper "Grace", and phenomenal "Save Our Now" along-side a couple of more ballad-driven songs, you'll find it hard to listen to anything else. Epic "Hold On" and the re-recording of the great "Kingdom" from the Physicist album remind us once again why the combination of Devin and Anneke works so blindingly well. If anything negative can be found, "Lucky Animals" may be just a little bit too silly and slightly annoying.

If you're looking for a deep, broody and complex album, Epicloud is not it. It would be safe to say that if you enjoyed the lighter and more uplifting approach to Addicted, Epicloud will do it for you. The simple nature of the album makes it an incredibly addictive album at first, but the lack of complexity may hinder the longevity of the album after the initial sugar rush has worn off in the grand scheme of things.

Regardless of the future, Devin Townsend has provided us with another electrifying album to his vastly growing discography with a few songs destined to become classics. You could be excused for thinking the frequency in which he puts out new albums affects their quality, but time and time again the man delivers something truly special in one form or another. Evidence if more were needed that music runs through this man's body like none other.


Progressive metal
Length: 49:52

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written on 18.09.2012 by Member of Staff since 2006.


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18.09.2012 - 17:28

Only gave it one listen, but I rather liked it. I'm not a huge fan of his prog pretentions, and I thought Addicted was his best work since SYL, so this album takes a welcome turn. I didn't find it quite as catchy as Addicted, though. I'll have to play some more. It'll probably fall somewhere between 3 and 3,5 out of 5 stars.
18.09.2012 - 17:36

A little too simple for my taste.
18.09.2012 - 18:25
Rating: 9
John Sandman

Reminds me a little of pop one some moments... Still good music.

Devin rules \m/
18.09.2012 - 18:43
Rating: 9

This album is kinda "brave" , it could fail badly if the pop influences were too much ... but Devin took the risk and once again , delivered .
18.09.2012 - 18:43
Rating: 7

A Spot on Review Baz It honestly reminds me of 'Addicted', Annekes vocal is simply amazing, not too over the top but just spot on. I knew i couldn't have been the only one that was disappointed with 'Lucky Animals'

Epicloud is a solid release and if your wanting to dive into Mr. Townsends discography its a great intro This man is full of crazy good ideas and i do hope that there is more from where this came from A solid score, i also agree on a 8.5
18.09.2012 - 19:40
Rating: 8
Agree with practically everything on the review, I'll just say that I thought "Lucky Animals" also seemed a bland song at first but now I absolutely love it. Devin's vocals are impressive on that song (and the whole record, for that matter).
A really fun album!
18.09.2012 - 23:07
Rating: 10

Gonna go order it tomorrow at the local store if it isn't in stock, looking very much forward to it!
18.09.2012 - 23:49
Rating: 9

Very nice review. I can't say anything else because you have said everything.
19.09.2012 - 00:15
Yaaaaaaay.... good album, good review.
19.09.2012 - 05:27
Made of Metal
These are the kind of songs that when you hear once, you think are boring and generic. Then you listen to them again and its a lot better. Then again, and again. Soon enough it becomes a masterpiece!

With that said, I know i'd like this album a lot If I heard it again. I can't seem to want to listen to it again though.
19.09.2012 - 05:51
Rating: 8
Ag Fox
Angel No More
Was thinking about reviewing it haha. But you've definitely got everything spot on
loves 小巫
19.09.2012 - 06:02
Baz Anderson

Thanks guys!!
19.09.2012 - 09:45
Rating: 8
This one is simply fun, wonderful review Baz.
19.09.2012 - 20:48
Rating: 8
I'm still discovering this album with each new listen, but as of now I'm pleased with what I hear and I can't wait to hear the new songs live in November.

The man never ceases to amaze me, it seems. Like RV said, it really is fun stuff.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

My Instagram
20.09.2012 - 01:39

1st listen through and I couldn't help but just want to dance around like a fool!

The 2nd disc is okay, not on par with Epicloud, but nice for us diehards.
20.09.2012 - 09:53
Nunzie 69

After hearing "Lucky Animals" I really didn't think I would enjoy this one,but for some reason I really like it,why? All I can say is Dev in any of his "morphs" is an excellent song writer,and at the end of the day that is what it all comes down to.
21.09.2012 - 03:39
Pagan Angel
It's streaming here:
21.09.2012 - 20:24
It does remind me a bit of Addicted at points, which at first I didn't like because of the exact reason you mentioned: it sounds kinda like pop metal. But, as was the case with that album, I'm sure Epicloud will grow on me after a few spins. Devy's music works in strange ways like that. Sooner or later I won't be able to get Animals As Leaders out of my head, I can already feel it.
Check out Apothecary's Favorite Bands Playlist, brotendo. One track per band.
22.09.2012 - 06:22
Account deleted
I didn't like it at all. Lost me on the techno song, what the fuck? Too poppy.
23.09.2012 - 22:59

Good review. I'm interested to hear this now..
24.09.2012 - 06:16
Evil Chip

I love Anekke voice in this one. Really gives the extra push for the songs.
04.10.2012 - 23:18
Rating: 10

Now that i got it, damn it kicks ass! I was expecting a lot poppier though after reading this review and the comments.
08.10.2012 - 06:48

Didn't really like this one as much as the earlier stuff, that said the last album I really enjoyed was probably Synchestra and I prefer the version of Kingdom originally on the Physicist. A bit too poppy and techno-y for me

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