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Kalidia - Lies' Device review

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Band: Kalidia
Album: Lies' Device
Release date: June 2014

01. The Lost Mariner
02. Hiding From The Sun
03. Dollhouse (Labyrinth Of Thoughts)
04. Reign Of Kalidia
05. Harbinger Of Serenity
06. Black Magic
07. Shadow Will Be Gone
08. Lies' Device
09. Winged Lords
10. In Black And White

Hailing from Italy, where a long tradition of power metal bands creates stiff competition for newcomers, Kalidia introduce themselves with a rough yet respectable debut.

Lies' Device boasts only a handful of memorable songs, while the rest blend into a haze of synth-heavy filler. The songwriting aims to craft a competent, listenable album rather than to show off a couple of catchy scene-stealers. Obviously this kind of music has been done many times before, but Kalidia avoid being overly generic. Some excellent guitar solos and interesting keyboard work aid these songs in getting off the ground. Guest vocals provided by Andrea Racco of Etherna and Opening Scenery make "Harbinger Of Serenity" one of the most interesting tracks on the album; Alessandro Lucatti, also of Etherna, provides guitar work for "In Black And White," another standout.

Nicoletta Rosellini sounds as though she is not entirely comfortable with being a lead singer; at least, not for a power metal band. While clean female vocals and flower metal are a tried-and-true combination, Rosellini lacks the kind of dynamism and energy required to pull it off. Her voice is by no means unpleasant to listen to, but her dreamy, rather soft-spoken delivery sounds better suited to a more passive form of music.

The mixing steps on the band's toes from time to time, with guitars sometimes being buried under the keyboards and the vocals struggling for prominence. The results can be unfortunately tame-sounding, and the occasionally muddied rhythm section doesn't help.

Lies' Device suffers from uneven songwriting, drowsy production, and some unconvincing performances. It definitely bears the mark of a first effort, but Kalidia have started out with more reason to be proud than ashamed. Perhaps Lies' Device won't win Power Metal Album of the Year in our Metal Storm Awards 2014, but it will impress those looking for new entries into the pages of power metal history.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 6

Written on 02.07.2014 by I'm the reviewer, and that means my opinion is correct.


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02.07.2014 - 09:44
What you say about stiff competition is very true I think. It's a tough scene for a band to make its name in. That album cover works well to make them stand out just a bit though, looks interesting to me.
03.07.2014 - 12:18

I think it's a great album since it's a self-released debut... Not the typical power metal at least.
23.02.2021 - 17:43
Tom Muller

Strong debut. i like it
Fire walk with me

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