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Game Over (SWE) - Nintendo Metal review


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Band: Game Over (SWE)
Album: Nintendo Metal
Release date: 2002

01. Cataclysm Clash
02. The Grim Reaper
03. Nocturnal Persuasion
04. Little Mac's Confession
05. Heavy Mario

I have to admit it, I'm a HUGE fan of video games, I've always been, since the days of my Commodore 64, my Atari 2600, and passing through my NES, Snes, Playstation, and of course the king of handhelds, The Gameboy. Right now I'm craving for a Playstation 2, and soon I will get one. Hey! This is a metal webzine! Why the hell are you rambling about video games? Ah! Simple my friends, because I'm proud to present Game Over, a little treat to all of us metalheads/gamers.

So, Nintendo Metal huh? This 3 piece from Sweden has taken classic Nintendo songs and metalized them, and that's the coolest idea I've heard in a long time, but they don't copy the Nintendo tunes, they adapt them and include lyrics!

The songs are pure classic Heavy Metal in the vein of Iron Maiden, but maintaining the obvious differences, still, it sounds great and deserves a listen!

This 5 song Demo starts with "Cataclysm Clash" a powerful pure Heavy Metal tune, taken from 2 stages from Megaman, ahhh Megaman, is impossible to avoid shedding a tear when I think of that little blue cyborg, ahhh... memories, Then we have another tune taken from our favorite whip-avenger-zombie-killer family, the Belmonts, and their crusade against evil Dracula, yes you know the name, Castlevania.

Next is "Nocturnal Persuation" taken from the Gremlins videogame, I didn't recognize this one because I've never played Gremlins, shame on me. This is the "weird track" because it features some strange chorus line and song structure, but still rocks!
Next is "Little Mac's Confession" and is taken from a classic of classics: Punch Out!!! I've spent many, many hours in front of the T.V. with this game, and when I listened Game Over's version all the memories came back instantly! This is definitively my favorite track on the Cd.

And to close we have the main theme of our favorite mushroom eater plumber, Mario Bros., this song doesn't have lyrics, is more like an instrumental cover of the song, still sounds great as always.

So, this is a MUST for all metalheads/gamers, and for all of you who doesn't play any games, get this because the music is very well done, and very well produced, and you can download the original game versions from their website, so you can compare. Apart, what can go wrong when you buy a disc with Mario Bros. in a leather outfit?
Game over is an innovative project and I can't wait to hear more from these guys, game on!

Written by Undercraft | 02.10.2003

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