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Band: Holy Mother
Album: Agoraphobia
Style: US power metal
Release date: August 2003

01. Success
02. Modern Day God
03. Heavens Door
04. Agoraphobia
05. Hungry For Exxstacy
06. Society Anxiety
07. Skitzo
08. Nympho
09. Never Say Die [Black Sabbath cover]
10. Sheer Erotica

The Hard Rock band "Holy Mother" is composed of Mike Tirelli [Vocals, guitars] [ex Messiahs Kiss], Frank Gilchriest [Drums] [ex Virgin Steele], and Randy Coven [Bass] [ex Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark]. "Agoraphobia" is the sixth album of this American band that used to do "aggressive" Hard Rock.

In the vein of "old" Hard Rock bands of the 90's like GNR or Skid Rows, Holy Mother with this production show us how that is possible to do good and powerful Hard Rock in the 21 century. All the tracks are very well composed, this album is always heavy and all the guitars riffs are very attractive. Then is a real pleasure to listen this cd. The songs are always positive and yes even if I'm not today in this kind of music, I must admit that is not very hard to find this album good and interesting.
But the real problem with this production even if it's really good is the lack of originality, then maybe it's good to make Hard Rock like in the 90's but maybe it could be good to make something really new with why not some parts of these music that all the Metalheads that we are used to listen some years ago.
Yet the production is good and the work of Mike Tirelli who made the main thing on "Agoraphobia" is really honest. One already saw better but it's really good and it's hard to criticise this album.

To sum up, I could recommend this album to all the Hard Rock fans it's a good one and you'll be satisfied with it but on the other and is nothing original then if you want something new you can pass your way.
By the way this is a good album of Hard Rock anymore.

Written by Jeff | 02.11.2003

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