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Zubrowska - One On Six review

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Band: Zubrowska
Album: One On Six
Style: Technical deathcore
Release date: September 2003

01. Intro
02. Forkebabh
03. Sex, Drugs & Basketball
04. So I Look Well?
05. Happy Pink Town
06. Smells Like Suicide
07. I Hate Teen Visions
08. One On Six
09. I Talk To The Wind
10. This Rose For You
11. Sad Sick World
12. When Satan Plays Disco People Die

Zubrowska from France, and yes you're right the band members named their brainchild after the famous vodka, but without the S.
Now you know you're dealing with a funny band, filled with funny dudes, just look at the tracklist! The titles are hilarious, this music must be Grindcore, all of you might be thinking, but no, Zubrowska plays a mixture of Brutal Death Metal with Hardcore, the result, angst-driven Brutal music.

Relatively a new band, formed in 2002, Zubrowska decided to record an album in 2003, they were very lucky to catch a label immediately.
The band have 2 vocalist, one growler and a screamer, although the screamer takes the lead in most of the song, the idea is good.

Musically, and as I said, is a mix of Metalcore and Death Metal, the result, pretty brutal stuff, sometimes is disorientating, and I'm sure your parents are not going to like this at all.
Sometimes they have too much noise in their mix, but usually you have pretty good riffs with the screaming and growling stuffed in there.

Lovers of more modern sounds will love this, and lover of brutal stuff will also like this, songs like ??I Hate Teenage Visions" , "Forkebabh" and the weird/funny "When Satan Plays Disco People Die" will delight many Metalheads.

Me? I thought it was an ok record, I'm neither fan of Metalcore nor Brutal Death Metal, but Zubrowska is more than enjoyable, the songs, plus the humorous touch is something to listen at least once.

Written by Undercraft | 21.04.2004

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