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Band: Audrey Horne
Album: Audrey Horne
Release date: February 2010

01. These Vultures
02. Charon
03. Circus
04. Down Like suicide
05. Blaze Of Ashes
06. Sail Away
07. Bridges And Anchors
08. Pitch Black Mourning
09. Firehose
10. Darkdrive
11. Godspeed

Norwegian rock staples Audrey Horne return with their third and arguably strongest album of their careers on this self-titled album. Casting aside the shadow that the band's members belonged in other bands, Audrey Horne forge an album that allows them to stand on their own merits rather borrowing from others.

Building upon their prior two releases, Audrey Horne further colour in the template they had laid up until this point in their careers. "These Vultures" sounds like a continuation from Le Fol that brings the band's discography together perfectly. The band then show the progress they have made in the interim by knocking down the door with "Charon", not stopping to catch its breath as it rolls on.

"Blaze Of Ashes" has to be the crowning glory of the band's career, a song that sums up their skills and appeals in one song that is trimmed of fat and leaves you with a piece of prime steak. Building up slowly, the song crescendos and hooks you in until it hits you with the chorus that will have you singing along like a drunk at karaoke night. Mixing hard rock with the prog styling of classic bands like Yes, it has all that you want in a rock tune. "Down Like Suicide" and "Darkdrive" are other highlights of the album; "Down Like Suicide" starts slow and builds into a great track that ends with a great instrumental section that will have you drifting between the keyboard notes as the song slowly fades out, whereas "Darkdrive" sees the band explain why they're a hard rock not just a rock band, with its powerful but catchy structure.

Toshie is an underrated singer in rock, his powerful voice leading the songs from pillar to post throughout the entire album. Larsen's keyboard work is the secret weapon on Audrey Horne, adding an extra dimension that separates the songs from others in the genre. Larsen's work elevates tracks like "Charon" and "Circus" without detracting attention away from others; it's a fine balance that he walks for the album's duration.

The album does feel a bit samey by the time you get to "Firehose", to the point that you question whether you're hearing the same song twice. While some bands are able to make songs cut from the same cloth, the key is making it good enough that you don't care or don't notice; unfortunately on Audrey Horne, "Sail Away" breaks the spell put on you up to that point such that the issue becomes noticeable. While "Bridges And Anchors" and "Darkdrive" are decent enough songs, they can't put the album back on track after "Sail Away" derailed it.

Audrey Horne's defining statement, this self-titled record sees the band stand tall and emerge out of the shadows the band found itself in. One of the better hard rock records of the last decade, do yourself a favour and give it a go; your ears will thank you later.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by omne metallum | 23.05.2020

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