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Band: Trap Them

Mons Lvnae or Mons Lunae is a Latin expression which, in English, means "mount of the moon". Mons Lvnae was the name given to Sintra's Forest by the Roman Army during their occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. According to the legend, when the Romans first saw Sintra's Forest, on the contrary of the present days, it had the aspect of a barren mount in which the Moon appeared in a very enhanced way.

Also, Mons Lunae is a band hailing from Portugal, that play a mixture of Gothic with hints of Death and Black Metal, the result? A pleasant listen, but nothing that I haven't heard before I'm afraid.
Mixing enchanting female vocals with some harsher vocal influences like Death and Black is something that has been done to a lot of times, and while some still manage to do it entertaining, Mons Lunae fails because of the bad production that plagues this Demo.
Well, is not THAT bad, is not like your "in the ancient Norwegian woods" bad production Black Metal, is an amateur production, totally self-financed, so there's no need to be harsh here.

Some songs have Folk influences, like "The Long Nights Of Alamut" which feature eastern influences that reminded me of After Forever, other cool song is "The Forbidden Valley".
Maybe Mons Lunae would sound different with a better production, because lately I'm becoming one of those reviewers that seek at least good productions, but also I have a sense in talent, and these guys are talented, they only need a good production to back up those ideas, until then, I place my bet on this band, and wish them the best.

Written by Undercraft | 25.05.2004

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