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Reaper's Mark - The Sick Man's Farewell review


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Band: Reaper's Mark
Album: The Sick Man's Farewell
Release date: November 2020

01. The Pit
02. Cult Of Dying
03. Cold
04. Lazarus
05. Shame
06. Utopia Burns
07. Son Of The Storm
08. Farewell

Let the northern madness start to rage with a blizzard.

Sweden is a large country and the birthplace of melodic death metal, or the Gothenburg metal sound. It was long ago, when many of you were not even born. All of this happened in the south, in Gothenburg, but it's not at all the largest city in the European north - Luleå had its own bands in the game that played even better than the Gothenburgers, such as Gates Of Ishtar, The Moaning, and The Everdawn. 20 years later, a new band from further north (Gällivare) takes over where those bands left off and does it at the same level. I once saw them live, and I know what I am talking about.

This album has two sides: presentation and sound. I'll start with the bad side, the presentation. To me, a band needs to have two things: Facebook and Bandcamp. I wish that bands were more active on Facebook even if they are not in writing mode; this band has no Facebook, and I remember that when the single "Son Of The Storm" came out it was only on Spotify. I am not a fan of that thing, because they treat bands like slaves; if you like a band's music, you will still buy the album. I could not find that single even on YouTube, and I was looking for, like, two weeks before I listened to it. Same goes for the album; it would be better if it were on Bandcamp, which the band does have, but only for their old EPs. Otherwise, in terms of actual production, I have no complaints about the album's mixing, mastering, and so on.

But as for the sound - yes, what does it sound like? Energetic, insane drumming mixed with fast death metal guitar riffs, when you want to make a melodic sound. Bass - you don't hear it, but it's there, and with an awesome singer singing in the music's flow, everything goes forward. Good riffs mix with harmonies; the vocals are cold and icy, with some edge, and when the voice comes alive you'll freeze to death.

To me, this band has potential; it proves that the north can do this, and the metal map is wider than everyone thought. When fuckorona COVID-19 is over, I believe that this band will be able to deliver some raging live performances in Norden Sweden, and southern, too, maybe some small European tour. I also believe that Reaper's Mark is a leading band in the north (maybe after The Duskfall and Raised Fist [though this band is not true metal]). I recommend this to those who like this genre, who are tired of old bands and want something similar but new.

Odin owns Malmberget.

Written by Bad English | 07.03.2021

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07.03.2021 - 01:31
Bad English
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