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Terminalist - The Great Acceleration review

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Band: Terminalist
Album: The Great Acceleration
Style: Progressive thrash metal
Release date: May 2021

01. Relentless Alteration
02. Terminal Dispatch
03. Invention Of The Shipwreck
04. Estranged Reflection
05. Dromocracy

In 2016, the groundbreaking band Vektor released their magnum opus, Terminal Redux. After a long hiatus, many fans wondered whether the technical thrashers would ever return. 5 years passed, and some fans couldn't wait any longer. Enter: Terminalist.

Formed in 2018, the Danish band Terminalist released their debut album The Great Acceleration in May 2021, combining the death-influenced thrash of Testament with the progressive sci-fi metal of Vektor. Just like Terminal Redux, this release is a concept album. Inspired by French philosopher Paul Virilio, The Great Acceleration describes different aspects of dromology, or the idea that societal and technological advancements are governed by speed. Virilio argues that the invention of every technology contains the invention of its own destruction. Faster transportation, faster information exchange, faster weapons, and all of this contributes to an ever-accelerating downfall of humanity.

Thrash metal criticising society hasn't been new ever since the dawn of Megadeth, but Terminalist expertly accentuate the accelerating destruction of the Earth with their light-speed musicianship. While the opening songs "Relentless Alteration" and "Terminal Dispatch" present fast-paced and catchy thrash riffing, the ten-minute epic "Invention Of The Shipwreck", as well as the closing "Dromocracy", demonstrate their black metal and prog influences with long spells of atmospheric tremolo-picking, relentless blast-beat drumming, and even an eargasmic bass solo!

Despite these longer instrumental sections, The Great Acceleration doesn't outstay its welcome, clocking in at only 35 minutes. As a result, every second is well-spent metal masterclass!

In conclusion, while not reaching the greatness of Vektor, this release is an excellent continuation of their style. In fact, since many listeners (including myself initially) had difficulties enjoying Vektor's shrieking vocals, I believe those same people should find Terminalist very approachable, as the vocalist Emil Hansen utilizes more traditional death metal growling.

Powerful vocals, grand atmospheres, technical guitar-work, sci-fi lyrics... The Great Acceleration provides a melting pot of styles in which every respectable metalhead should find something to bang their head to!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to launch myself back into this cosmic vortex of aural awesomeness...

Written by F3ynman | 21.03.2022

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22.03.2022 - 23:13
Great review
Maybe as his eyes are wide.
22.03.2022 - 23:21
A Nice Guy
Thanks for bringing this album to my attention, this is another great review, I will have to check this one out
23.03.2022 - 02:56
Rating: 9
Nocturnal Bro
Written by Blackcrowe on 22.03.2022 at 23:13

Great review

24.03.2022 - 14:55
Fantastic review sir! Thanks for sharing this album with us, much appreciated.
So imminently visible - this cloaked innocent guilt
Sentenced to a lifetime, a second of structured chaos
Trampled by the ferocious, raging crowds of solitude
I'm the soil beneath me soaking up the sustenance of my own death.

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