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Forgotten Tales - All The Sinners review


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Band: Forgotten Tales
Album: All The Sinners
Release date: 2004

01. Pagan Chronicles
    1 - The Hideaway (Intro)
    2 - Lady Of The Forest
    3 - All The Sinners
    4 - Wind Oh Wind
    5 - The Message
    6 - March For Freedom
02. Three Wishes
03. Fairytales
04. My Soul
05. Magic Fountain

Forgotten Tales is a band I know by browsing through the web searching for new bands, at the time they had only one record released, "The Promise", I downloaded a couple of songs and really liked them, but that was in my Power Metal phase a couple of years ago, now I'm not that fond of Power Metal as before, but I can still recognize a good band when I listen to it, and Forgotten Tales is one.

Maybe you read the classification of the band, Female-fronted Power Metal, and for those who are thinking Nightwish, think again, because this band is not one of those Nightwish clones. Vocalist Sonia Pineault doesn't sing operatic (thank god!), her voice is not too sweet or too aggressive, she just gives the best she can to sound the way the music deserves, and it fits just well.

Musically, the bands lies between Stratovarius and Dark Moor, but just a little less bombastic, so the music is not the most original thing that has been done, but the melodies and the vocals are really catchy, just listen title track "All The Sinners" and it will get stuck on your head for weeks.
For those seeking more speedy tunes we have "The Message" (excellent guitars!) and "Fairytales" to complete the duet. There's a song that reminded me a lot of Dark Moor when they where fronted by Elisa C. Martin, just listen to "Three Wishes" and tell me that it doesn't remind you of the Spanish combo.

This is easy listening Power Metal, the way it should be, no complication, no big surprises, just good 'ol home made Fantasy Power Metal, Canadian style!
In one side I enjoyed the Cd, and I like the band really, but in the other they don't do anything new in the overcrowded scene of Power Metal, but that leads us to our next question, is there's anything new to do with Power Metal? Are all the formulas have been written already?

I leave you thinking of that, while I go to listen this record just one more time after I remember that I don't like Power Metal anymore and my tougher side tells me I'm a weak warrior wannabe for listening to this. Before that happens, I want to say that I like this band, If you ever come across me and I tell you that I don't like Forgotten Tales, don't listen to me, is just my macho Black-Death Metal side talking.

Written by Undercraft | 20.11.2004

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"Surrender all you sinners, whose hearts are in despair!"

Surrender indeed, to this great power metal CD. Well well, a Canadian power metal band, not exactly what Canada is famous for but anyway; Forgotten Tales play a very catchy and progressive kind of power metal. Great skill and great melodies in one. Awesome.

published 28.12.2006 | Comments (4)


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25.09.2009 - 13:04
Heaven Knight
Forgotten Tales are definitely noticeable band when it comes to Power Metal
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep

18.10.2010 - 22:03
Account deleted
Written by Ellrohir on 25.09.2009 at 13:04

Forgotten Tales are definitely noticeable band when it comes to Power Metal

Not THAT noticeable
19.10.2010 - 00:50
Heaven Knight
At least more interesting how nowadays DragonForce or Power Quest...
My rest seems now calm and deep
Finally I got my dead man sleep


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