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Dirty Shirt - Different - Revolution review

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Band: Dirty Shirt
Album: Different - Revolution
Release date: 2004

01. Bitch
02. Tell Me Why
03. Loneliness
04. Gone
05. Rise
06. Noapte Buna
07. UB

08. Revolution
09. Break Up
10. Skizo
11. UB

Dirty Shirt was formed in 1996. This Romanian band is not a real newcomer in the Metal scene, but they were an Alternative band before. Now, they use to play pure Industrial music and really that's not bad at all. Through this review of this promo cd, where is featured the two last demos of the band "Different" and "Revolution", you will understand if you are a fan of this kind of music, that we will have to follow the road of this very promising band.

Dirty Shirt plays Indus. If you're allergic to all the forms of Electronic sounds, go away really because you couldn't find any interest with this band. But if you're open minded, and if you like Indus, that's absolutely different. The reasons of the quality of these 2 demos are simple, this band knows how to do an original and very varied music. As an example, you'll have some mix between, rock, techno, metal, funk and even folk, there is a lot of variation in the music of the band, that's really enjoyable. The seven songs of "Different" like the four songs of "Revolution" are really catchy, but however some songs are a bit too much weak in comparison of some others, like "Revolution" or "Bitch", but in general it's ok, the quality of these tow demo is more than correct.
The other great point with the music of the band is the very great ambiances on a lot of the songs. That's not something cold like a lot of Indus bands but it will give you a really mystic and mysterious feeling sometime and that's a really nice.
The production is very good, for a demo, damn that's really professional and even promising for the future of the band. Same with the cover of "Different" this is not a beautiful peace of art, but that's perfect for an Industrial band, really good...When you're able to have such production for your Demos... you'll do something great later...

This promo CD is really promising, there is a lot of potentiality with this band. Their music is catchy but also really mature. If you like Indus, you could check this band, that's not a real revolution of the style, but that's more than correct and with a bit of luck, maybe we will hear about them very soon We only want to see a first album now no more

Written by Jeff | 11.01.2005

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