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Xzoriath - Faces Reversed review


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Band: Xzoriath
Album: Faces Reversed
Release date: 2004

01. Intro
02. Epilogue To Child Mutation
03. Brain Reset
04. Faces Reversed
05. Lacrimosa

X - Z - O - R - I - A - T - H- GOOO ZXORIATH!

Third Demo chance for Xzoriath, second one reviewed here at the site (I reviewed their previous work "Redimensioned"). If you took attention to their last effort, you won't notice many chances around, the same dark Gothic Death Metal with growls and operatic female vocals, both handled by Eve, and trust me on something, this girl can growl! Is incredible to realize that the deep growls are actually coming from a woman larynx!

As for the operatic part, I guess that nowadays no one is impressed anymore with operatic female vocals on Metal (if you want to blame someone, blame Nightwish).
The 4 songs (and a intro) are all in the same line, deep growls countered with operatic female vocals, heavy keyboard use and some choirs, but that is also not impressive anymore I'm afraid (blame it on Therion).

While the presentation and artwork has improved since last time, the production leaves much to desire, and while they don't count with proper means to releases a demo with top-notch production, I feel that the sound is not the most suitable one.

Frankly I don't see any improvement from their last Demo, you could say that this one is only a mere sequel, and honestly they need to improve in some areas.
Still, this is a Demo and doesn't necessarily reflects what the and was trying to do. I hope not at least. Let's wait and expect something better next time.

Written by Undercraft | 14.09.2005

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