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Zubrowska - Family Vault review

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Band: Zubrowska
Album: Family Vault
Release date: April 2005

01. From Hell
02. Ode To My Black Sun
03. C.O.V.E.D
04. Maniac Rockers From Darkness
05. Vapmire Killing Kit
06. Pay To Pay
07. 'Cause I Just Can Love Some Dead Persons
08. Through The Sky
09. In The House Of The Seven Dead
10. What A Wonderful World

Brutal Death Metal + Metalcore = Zubrowska

Is been a while since I've heard anything from these guys, and now I'm here listening their new album "Family Vault" a sick and twisted combination of Metalcore and Brutal Death Metal, the results are quite extreme, this, their second album, is quite disorientating at times.

The band enjoys doing many changes each song, they change tempos, vocals, styles and god knows which kind of drug between recording sessions. The album is totally noisy and all over the place (this being a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes).
Sometimes you can hear deep low grunts and sometimes you can listen to angst-driven screams, add some pretty brutal riffs and the occasionally rabid drumming, and you can begin imagine how Zubrowska sounds like.

Is definitively not an easy listen, sometimes is so chaotic and messy that you want to turn off the damn stereo and watch some Richard Clayderman video or some shit like that.

You like it or hate it, when the music is that extreme you don't have any more choice to take it or leave it. Me? While I don't like Metalcore at all, I must confess that the whole concept of mixing it with Brutal Death Metal is quite appealing, the band really let themselves go with the song-writing, they play with the elements and create quite attractive songs, some of them borderline into Avant-gardism, to say it so.

Even if you read 10,000 reviews about this the best explanation is a song, download a track from their official website and make an opinion for yourself, and why not, tell me about it here, in the commentary box. I want to hear your opinion people! Just bear in mind that if you hate Death Metal and Metalcore, don't even try this.

Written by Undercraft | 19.09.2005

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