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Yorblind - Melancholy Souls review

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Band: Yorblind
Album: Melancholy Souls
Release date: 2005

01. Hybrid
02. Tortured Souls
03. Place Of Death
04. Melancholy Souls
05. Regret
06. Devil's Garden
07. New Life
08. Forget
09. Spirit's War
10. Fucking Sickness
11. Rejection
12. Lost Dream

"Melancholy Souls" is the first album of a really promising and talented young band from France, Yorblind. They use to play "Scandinavian" Death Metal, and I suppose that you all understand that I'm talking about something in the vein of all the In Flames, Soilwork and others Dark Tranquillity This is maybe not really original but no doubt, this band is good.

Oki oki, this is one other new band that follow the trend of all the Gothenburg Death Metal bands, however I must add that Yorblind are first, really good, and 2nd a bit original with some points. I mean that if they use the classic recipe with melodic riffs in addition of grunts, there is also a lot of arpeggio. At the end, their music sound "old school", if I can use this term with Gothenburg Death, and we're in the line of the old Dark Tranquillity and In Flames albums. I suppose that some of you will like this to know this point

Also, "Melancholy Souls" is varied, we can even find a nice ballads and even angelical female vocals on "Forget" but don't worry you'll evidently find aggressive speedy riffs with excellent solis on the majority of the tracks. Believe me, as I said before Yorblind doesn't produce something original, but it's classy and really well done, this band is really promising.

The famous Terje Refsnes also produced the album though I actually find that the work with the mixing process is not so perfect and that's a bit surprising for him. I don't say that the sound is bad but sometime it's not so clean and that's a bit deceiving.

Well "Melancholy Souls" is a strong release of Gothenburg Death Metal and strangely even with all the numerous releases in this category it's not boring to listen to this album, then it's probably a really good point for the band. I'm ready to do some bets on this combo, don't you?

Written by Jeff | 07.11.2005

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