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Yargos - To Be Or Not To Be review


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Band: Yargos
Album: To Be Or Not To Be
Release date: November 2005

01. The Guilded Cage
02. Why?
03. Peace Of Mind
04. Point Of No Return
05. A Time To Decide
06. Pink Confusion
07. Human Nature
08. Time Drops
09. The Summer Tree # 1
10. Full Circle
11. Sometimes It Is Easier
12. Turn Away
13. The Summer Tree (Beat The Big Break)

Nowadays it's not a trend apparently to produce original albums but we can always have some good surprises and damn it's good to find some little jewels like this "To Be Or Not To Be". Mixing Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy and with touches of Progressive music, Yargos the new project of Mr Andrew Dermott (Threshold) is an excellent refreshing album and I simply hope that you won't miss it

"To Be Or Not To Be" is so interesting that it's impossible to be bored by one of the tracks of the CD. Actually, it's not really easy to classify the music of Yargos, it's Progressive Metal without any doubt but not like a Dream Theater but Ark is probably a better example to do a comparison even if at the end Yargos is a really original new band.

In the different compositions of the album, there is a lot of Piano and Keyboards with in addition some good old guitars riffs but actually it's really hard for me to explain how it can sound. It's not something really conventional a bit like Ayreon too except that it doesn't have the special "Organ" sound of Mr Lucassen.

Featuring Peter Pichl of Running Wild, Andi Kienitz of Human Fortress and evidently the great singer Andrew Dermott, Yargos is the demonstration of the talent of these great musicians. The voice of Andrew is just amazing and sometime it even reminds me the vocals of Freddy Mercury and that's evidently something more than enjoyable. The twelves songs of the records are extremely suprising and original and you'll see when you'll listen to the CD that all the tracks of "To Be Or Not To Be" are some potential hits.

"To Be Or Not To Be" is an excellent surprise for me. Full of emotions, this beautiful album is the mark of great musicians. Well done guys, I hope that the people who like Prog Metal will have a look on your CD, and above all, I hope that we will be able to see a lot of others new albums of Yargos in the future.

Written by Jeff | 22.01.2006


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slim pickings
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So Andrew McDermott sang on this? It's reason enough to give it a try, if only I can find it.

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