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Xenomorph - Necrophilia Mon Amour review


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Band: Xenomorph
Album: Necrophilia Mon Amour
Release date: 2005

01. Inside Teradome
02. Neon Black Stronghold
03. Treblinka
04. Necrophilia Mon Amour
05. In Flagrante Delicto
06. Lues
07. Magnificat, My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
08. Samedii
09. Hang 'Em High On Holocaust Stakes Of Frozen Methane
10. DellaMorte DellaMore

Xenomorph is a barely known band from The Netherlands even though they've been around since 1994. They play high-quality Death Metal with a technical edge; their music has always been really intricate and complex, but easy on the ear none the less due to the fact these Dutch guys are smart enough to add a whole bunch of classy breakdowns, catchy riffs and a lot of wicked intermezzos in their songs. Now let's talk about their "partially new" album called "Necrophilia Mon Amour"

Their new record is just a groundbreaking extension of their early works; this album might be the best way to get into this band, the music found in Necrophilia is really attractive and alluring to begin with. Then there's also that "edgy" feature I was talking about, the environment is really tense actually, but when the Progressive parts enter everything seems so mild yet passionate, the balance delivered in this album is more than marvelous; you'll be hearing fast brutality and melodious tones mixed in one song. That's just another demonstration of their marvelous songwriting skills which, by the way, grew powerfully strong in this release.

The versatility exposed in the music is pure brilliance, though most of the tunes have a "main vein" (which is Death Metal) there are many other characters hiding in the melodies of Necrophilia for example the 7th track Hang'em High On Holocaust Stakes, this is far different from the other songs in fact, it's wrapped in melodic Death Metal with so many progressive elements you won't believe me if I tell you, there's even a trimming arpeggio in the middle which made me say "Fucking shit almighty".

In the execution matter this band is flawless, there are a couple of missed chords here and there, but all in all the instruments perform almost perfectly. The drumming is more than outstanding and overwhelming, the drummer creates a constant double-bass beat which aggravates the power of the overall drumming and that's fucking amazing; the guitars and the bass-lines are astonishing as well, the riffs encountered are really explosive in the most amazing way; and finally the vocal work is really good, layered growls actually, don't tell me that's not great.

So, I think you should try this album because it's a really great piece, I still don't say masterpiece you know? But something tells me these guys are taking the right path towards that word, so I'll be waiting for more in the future. For now I really recommend this album to everyone into Metal, even though if you don't dig extreme stuff, chances are you'll at least like this release believe meit's amazing from the beginning to the end.

Best Tracks: every song has at least a couple of amazing moments, so check them all.

Written by Herzebeth | 12.03.2006

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