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Waltari - Blood Sample review

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Band: Waltari
Album: Blood Sample
Style: Alternative metal, Avantgarde metal, Progressive thrash metal
Release date: September 2005

01. Helsinki
02. Not Enough
03. Too Much Emptiness
04. Never
05. New York
06. I'm In Pain
07. All Roads Will Lead To Rome
08. Digging Inside
09. Fly Into The Light
10. Shades To Grace
11. Aching Eyes
12. Back To The Audio
13. Pigeons
14. Exterminator Warheads
15. Darling Boy
16. Wide Awake
17. Julia [The Beatles cover]

What is that? What's that band? I will be honest with you, this is the first time that I hear something about this combo from Finland, and yes I'm ashamed and I already regret it. Why? Well, when I listen to "Blood Sample", the last release of Waltari, and when I read and hear that all their albums are some pure innovative piece of music, I simply regret that I didn't have the luck to discover them before. It's simply something for me, and probably for you if you're just a bit open minded?

It will be extremely hard for me to describe the music of this amazing band. Waltari can be considered like the perfect mix between all the Metal music. Just imagine, take some catchy melodic Hard Rock and add some touches of pure powerful Heavy, add some Thrash, Brutal Death, Hardcore, etc? And you can understand, or at least try to understand, how it can sound. This is the great point of Waltari, all their songs are different and even if I'm trying to find some similitude with some others bands, I simply can't find anything. This band is crazy, their different compositions in English or Finnish with Death, Black, Hip Hop or classic voices are cool as hell on a side but on the other hand extremely complex and intelligent. This is the perfect album of Progressive, avant-gardist Metal. A real pearl?

Hyper eclectic, the songs are simply outstanding. For example you can start with a funky song that will turn into Thrash after 2 minutes and become some minutes later a real hit of Hard Rock. And do you know what? The band is so good that the music follow its way without any problems without any breaks, it's perfectly mixed. The album is long, 79 minutes, with 17 songs so it won't be impossible for me to talk about all the songs but believe me every moments, every passages of the CD are real pleasure.

This band is just excellent; I'm a totally addicted now. I can understand that some of you will find them totally crazy and won't understand their music, especially if you're addicted to basic music and compositions, but if you're just a bit open minded and if you want to listen to something SUPER original, God don't miss this release. With its perfect production, "Blood Sample" is a real killing machine!!!

No need of anymore blabla, "Blood Sample" is one of the best albums of 2005 and I'm more than happy that Dockyard 1 has the good idea to release this album all over the world in 2006. If you like Prog music Hard Rock, aggressive stuff like Thrash or even Hardcore please buy this album and I'm sure that you'll thank me later. "Blood Sample" is an amazing album of "crazy" Metal and this is just one best releases of the beginning of the year?

Written by Jeff | 27.04.2006


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15.02.2007 - 18:10
Account deleted
I heard Waltari the first time from radio. It was the song Helsinki, and I hated it. There was just something with the vocals and lyrics that pissed me off.. Finally after some listening I started to like the riffs and that really raw part in it.. Who knows, maybe I should check this record, since after all Waltari is one the oldest metal bands in Finland along Stone, Stratovarius and Amorphis. Besides the vocalist of In Flames greeted this band in Unholy Alliance, so it can't be that bad
04.06.2008 - 10:09
Rating: 9
Grand Gardener
The vocals sounded a bit annoying the first time I heard Waltari, kinda hated them on some tracks. But after getting used to, they actually sound pretty good on most of the tracks. Lyrics? no.

All in all Waltari rocks. hard.

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