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Korn - Life Is Peachy review


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Band: Korn
Album: Life Is Peachy
Release date: October 1996

01. Twist
02. Chi
03. Lost
04. Swallow
05. Porno Creep
06. Good God
07. Mr. Rogers
08. K@#Ø%!
09. No Place To Hide
10. Wicked
11. A.D.I.D.A.S.
12. Lowrider
13. Ass Itch
14. Kill You

Following my path of righteousness I kept on listening to Nu-Metal, I kept on finding crappy things but I also found stuff like this album (and some others which I'll review later). Korn never fails to impress me, they still bring a weird "destructive" feeling which, in time, becomes really addictive; and even more when the music comes from their awesome "Life Is Peachy" album, I'll dig more ok?

After their splendid debut album, Korn had to create better music based on natural progression, they did a great job with the follow up believe me. This new record presents a more skilled band, still they weren't the prodigious guys playing 1 hour long solos or something, but they surely improved their songwriting and their structures a lot, you can appreciate this fact when listening to "Chi's" funky approaches or the astounding breakdowns and intermezzos found in "Mr. Rogers" and I could go on forever, but I'll talk about something else.

So Korn polished their playing capabilities, that's great indeed, but that meant something else as wellthey lost the "I don't give a fuck if I'm flawless or not, I just bring you down with "Ball Tongue" mothafucka" attitude found in their debut album, so the hostility and utter violence becomes a little mild in the general playing-list of "Life Is Peachy", it takes one listen to tracks such as "Porno Creep" or "Kill You" to find out Korn experimented with non aggressive stuff.

What I wrote above is not a bad thing, you can find utter violence in this album as well, in fact one of Korn's most hostile writings ("Good God") is here to merciless punch you in the face, you'll also find a really aggressive song called "Twist" which was previously meant for the self titled album, it never made it to the final list though. And to be more precise, I think is more than impressive when a band changes from "just violence" to "violence, experimentation and skilled music" don't you?

Life Is Peachy is one of their best albums to date, the musicianship is better, the structures are better, the songwriting became intricate and the fun factor is still there (K@#%!). So I don't know if this one is better than the previous album, the self titled was more straight forwarded, this one is more complex, I won't be able to tell, but Life Is Peachy surely is a great piece to hear on a regular basis.

Best Tracks: "Twist", "Chi", "Good God", "No Place To Hide", "A.D.I.D.A.S", "Kill You"

Written by Herzebeth | 09.05.2006


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27.03.2008 - 05:48
Liver Failure
hehe.. i agree with the rate. Korn is far from beeing in my favorites list, but its a good ask from something different, really interesting songs, speacilly Twist, Chi and Good God.

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08.07.2008 - 08:58
hi-fi / lo-life
I think this is one of the most aggressive and brutal albums ever recorded.

No - obviously it is not Cryptopsy or Krisiun; however, there is more than one way of making a violent record and with Life Is Peachy, Korn found a way to make extreme aggression in their own way. Not as original as the debut, but definitely more visceral. Jonathan Davies growls, screeches, yells and scats are just out of this world on this album - pure expression of pain.
08.07.2008 - 18:11
Rating: 7

I think I'm one of the few that think this is Korn's worst album. Uninspired and nowhere near as powerful as the untouchables, follow the leader etc. IMO.

Aside from the newest one.
08.11.2008 - 08:24
Underpaid M.D.
Oh the memories return again, Good God was one of my favorite songs, oh those mornings in my way to school, oh yeah my beloved kinder metal, nice review.
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