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Carrigan - Young Men Never Die review

Band: Carrigan
Album: Young Men Never Die
Style: Post rock
Release date: 2006

01. We Give No Quarter
02. Valladolid
03. Sunshine Through The Waves
04. Talk To My Horse
05. Theodore
06. Moving Bones
07. Davey Jones' Locker
08. The Dwarf
09. Chin Music
10. Tinderboxes

I don't know how to explain an album like this one, but let me open my review with a brief synopsis; "Young Men Never Die" is one of the most interesting, most passionate and most melancholic albums this year, this musical experience penetrates by breaking the boundaries of rock, alternative music and whatever genre crossing our minds right now.

Enough with rhetoric; Carrigan is a band with enormous capabilities, their music is so versatile that reaches many textures and a lot of variations throughout the entire album almost falling into a Progressive category. In the end I see this band as an Art-Rock band, very similar to what Radiohead was when Ok Computer saw the light back in 1997, specifically in the third track ("Sunshine Through The Waves") where even the vocals grab a Thom Yorke-ish tone in the mix. The great thing is, no matter the similarities or the influenced music, Carrigan manages to be a very original band with fresh sounds, alternative approaches and a half melancholic half aggressive vibe that makes the album really enjoyable.

It's almost an entire hour of weird individual experiences, but this duo has the amazing ability to convert minutes in seconds; in the end you won't even feel the hour, the ten tracks flow smoothly and the bizarre passages help to create an easy on the ear CD. Production-wise the album is clean, I wish some of the introductions would have been more intense and louder, but generally speaking the audio is flawless; the layout is really something interesting, you'll get to read the lyrics (amazing ones by the way) while some doodles scare your guts with their evil looks. The artistic cover expands itself in the back cover showing all kind of dark forms and two creepy wolves instead of the band's picture?neat right?

I think you'll dig this album, I think you'll hear it several times and you'll keep on finding new features each time, I think you'll fall impressed to the floor after the last tracks ends. Worthwhile album in every way imaginable; try it, believe me now and thank me later.

Best Tracks: "Sunshine Through The Waves", "Tinderboxes", "Talk To My Horse"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 03.10.2006

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