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Norther - Mirror Of Madness review


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Band: Norther
Album: Mirror Of Madness
Release date: March 2003

01. Blackhearted
02. Betrayed
03. Of Darkness And Light
04. Midnight Walker
05. Cry
06. Everything Is An End
07. Unleash Hell
08. Dead
09. Mirror Of Madness
10. Frozen Sky [Japanese bonus]
11. Smash [The Offspring cover] [Japanese bonus]

We all know a lot of Melodic Death Metal bands from Finland. Between them we have Children of Bodom, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Insomnium... and, of course, this band: Norther. "Mirror Of Madness" was their second release and I'm sure that it is their best album. I have heard they have been compared with Children Of Bodom, and this album is perfect for explaining that they have a different sound.

Norther created a great debut album with "Dreams Of Endless War" and this album isn't worse, it's even better. They fill their songs with a lot of melodies and some excellent lyrics. When I read the lyrics I think I'm reading poetry, but this poetry is about death, it's really special and wonderful.

Talking about the highlights of this CD, we've "Blackhearted", the opening song. I love this song, especially the beginning. "You're seeking perfection but your disillusions are leading to destruction...", a perfect beginning for a perfect song. The next song, "Betrayed", is another masterpiece, and you only need to hear it for knowing why it's so good. Probably one of the most perfect songs is "Cry", it has a great riff in its beginning and it's a bit of a slower song, but it's definitely great. The last highlight is "Mirror Of Madness", and this song is my favourite. There are awesome riffs and I love the lyrics in this song. It's also a really catchy song, especially the chorus. This is, in my opinion, a 'must-hear'song.

I won't talk about weak points in this album, because there isn't really any I don't think, but I want to say that "Unleash Hell", the single of this CD, is a bit repetitive, the riff is the same along all the song.

I definitely think that this is Norther's best CD. We all will think better about Norther if we listened to them more. The problem is that this band is really underrated because some other bands from Finland, mainly Children Of Bodom. I think Norther is better than Children Of Bodom though, you should try listening to them.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by hottercraft | 07.02.2007

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07.02.2007 - 14:56
Rating: 9
Angel of Lust
This is a very good Norther album, though I think "Death Unlimited" their best one... I'd also rate a 9 for this album, IMO 10 is too high...

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
16.02.2007 - 22:24
Account deleted
Yea, it's a great album... I absolutely love Midnight Walker, it's my favourite Norther song !!
12.05.2007 - 11:47
cruel pain
carpathian flame
a gud album
20.06.2007 - 15:55
Rating: 10
Erotic Stains
Certainly not their best, still so awesome! Incredible songs such as Everything is an End, Midnight Walker, Unleash Hell and Mirror of Madness.
29.08.2007 - 23:19
Account deleted
This is a great album, but I think a 10 is a little too high for Mirror of Madness. I think it's a must have, but its not the best that extreme power metal has to offer. A 9 would be a more suitable raiting.
30.04.2008 - 04:08
The Sasquatch
I really enjoy this album, it is the only Northern album that I have but I really think its gonna be hard for then to make something better than it.
01.10.2008 - 14:46
Rating: 8
an 8 for me a prefer the previous one
01.10.2008 - 22:56
Rating: 8
Red Nightmare
10? come on enjoyable album, some good songs...some very good songs...but not a 10!
IntoPlighT said: "Slipknot is 15 years old how the fuck is that Nu metal?"

08.11.2008 - 15:11

I also think it's not THAT good.. also disagree about the lyrics, I think the lyrics are the worst part of the album.
22.09.2009 - 17:37

I don't sounds much like CoB and In Flames, so originality low...but I like the melody and rhytm. 8.5 !
21.11.2009 - 05:52
Rating: 8

The rating should be an even 9.0!

Anyway, this is their best album in my opinion. My favorite songs off this album are.. "Of Darkness And Light", "Cry", and "Frozen Sky". HAIL MIRROR OF MADNESS!
04.01.2010 - 17:55
Rating: 10

This album is the purest melodeath album ever. Both music and lyrics are just how they should be in this kind of metal band. 10!!
20.05.2010 - 17:55
Rating: 10
Great review and perfect rating for a perfect album!!

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