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Chaos Creation - Homicidal Party Time review


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Band: Chaos Creation
Album: Homicidal Party Time
Release date: January 2007

01. Obsessive/Submissive
02. Shining Wizard
03. Ghost
04. Corpsepaint Cavalry

Chaos Creation is a self-proclaimed "hard-assed, brain-scrambling moshpatrol" thrash metal band from Lappeenranta in Finland, and this "Homicidal Party Time" is the bands third demo.
As soon as you see the cover of the demo and read the descriptions of the band members ("riffmonster Tony, low-end brutalizer Julle, odd sarcasm-fuelled screwball Aleski and skinmaster Arto") you can deduce that these aren't the most serious guys around and they bring this scene of humor out in their music.

The demo contains three songs and one two-minute interlude-type filler track. The first two tracks "Obsessive/Submissive" and "Shining Wizard" are good solid pieces of metal that show off good, catchy guitar riffs and skills and also fast, enjoyable drumming. The vocals didn't quite seem to fit perfectly though, at some parts it sounded like being preached at by an Irish guy, but at other points they bring in a somewhat punkish element to the band and also the sarcasm in the voice does bring out the funnier side better.

The third track is a slow two-minute instrumental that seemingly has no point in being there and fails to capture my imagination, but the fourth track "Corpsepaint Cavalry" is by far the best track on the demo. The song appears to be poking fun at all the "true, grim and necro" black metallers, and not that I don't like black metal because I do, but the song had my laughing with its lyrics with lines such as "Embrace the cold, avoid the sun 'cause the march of the penguins has begun" and "Quality sounds that's what we fear, horrid production makes atmosphere"
Not only the lyrics though, but the song also has by far the best guitar and drums making it very easy to bang your head to!

All-in-all it is a breath of fresh air to hear a band like this taking a less serious approach and the last track especially shows they have the skill and potential to go further ahead in their musical careers.

You can also hear two tracks from this demo and tracks from their past two demos in the music section of their official website here.

Written on 12.03.2007 by Member of Staff since 2006


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13.03.2007 - 03:22
Account deleted
Oh, am i the only one who has read this nice-great-amazing-super- extraordinary-review written by the sexy-handsome-funny-nice-sweet-loving-and-caring Baz Anderson ?
13.03.2007 - 16:46
Account deleted
I was wondering if anyone knows the band outside our country. Big improvement from their previous efforts, but I agree with what you said about the vocals.
I'd probably have given it 8.
13.03.2007 - 20:34
Baz Anderson

yeh! I am glad someone agrees..
I just didnt want to give it such a high rating because it was a demo.. it is quite good but not utterly fantastic
13.03.2007 - 20:44
Account deleted
Well, I would give it a high rating as a demo, of course demo ratings shouldn't be comparable to those of full lenghts.
13.03.2007 - 20:46
Baz Anderson

no indeed not, but seven seemed fair to me.. if the two other songs were of the same standard of 'Corpsenpaint Cavalry' then it would have been..
haha - that song made me laugh
13.03.2007 - 20:53
Account deleted
Hehe, same here. Catchy chorus too, and nice melodic touch in the end.
13.03.2007 - 21:03
Baz Anderson

yeh, I thought the melodic-y bit towards the end was the worst bit of the song though.. it was really good to hear something in the first half of the song that you could easily get your head behind.. haha
14.06.2007 - 16:52
Rating: 7
Damn, I'm sure I read this when it was published... I was impressed by their Myspace just last night (thanks Kaamos) so I grabbed all the MP3s off their site. Great review Baz!

[22/06/07] Whoa, whoa, this is crazy. I was just now going to update the album info with help from MA and noticed that most of the guys were in Nailgunner - whose demo I had downloaded almost a year ago but not properly listened to, and going through it just a few days ago realized I should have deleted most of it long ago. This CC is way better, though back on topic, I have to say this band's songs aren't quite as effective as the first time I heard them now that I have played them a few times.
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