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Jack Frost - Glow Dying Sun review


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Band: Jack Frost
Album: Glow Dying Sun
Release date: January 1999

01. Dark Ages
02. Crawl
03. Undying
04. Black Veil Torn
05. Queen Jack
06. Dive
07. Everstoned
08. Lady In Black

Jack Frost are a little underrated Doom Metal band from Austria, they've seem to pass in the scene totally unnoticed, even if they have some albums out, and they've played with very well-known Metal acts.
This is their third album, and let me tell you that this guys are playing Doom Metal with passion, if there's anything such as that.

Greatly inspired by St. Vitus, Jack Frost relies in the woeful vocals of Phred Phinster, sometimes seems that this guy weeps instead of singing, but that's how they planned their sound, it may annoy some people, but this is how is it over Jack Frost terrain.

To be honest with you, this album is not that impressive, I've heard better things done by Jack Frost, this album is a little monotone and too somber, like I said before some people will be annoyed by the despondent mourns of the vocalist and bass player, Phred Phinster.
Songs are slow and frankly, a little boring, but the use of a violin saves the day and enhances some songs, like "Queen", "Dive" and "my personal favorite, "Black Veil Torn", even with that element, the album tends to sound a little repetitive.

Like I said, Jack Frost is a excellent underrated Doom Metal band, but this album is not their finest piece of work, for all of you Doomsters wanting to know more about this band, check out recent albums, because this one doesn't show jack Frost at their best hour.

Written by Undercraft | 10.05.2004

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