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Freak Kitchen - review

Band: Freak Kitchen

"Freak Guitar" is the solo project of one of the best guitarist of the metal scene. I talk about Mattias IA Eklundh the leader of the fantastic band Freak Kitchen. If you don't know him ["them", with Freak Kitchen] I must say that this guy has one of the best manners to play the guitar. A lot of technical and especially a great imagination that give a very special touch to his music. Really when you know Mattias, it's really easy to recognize that it's him who is playing
Freak Guitar "The Road Less Traveled" is his 2nd solo project through Freak Guitar and again with this new album, you'll have one hour of incredible and funny guitar demonstration.

"The Road Less Traveled" is more than a concept album of guitars demonstration than a real album. In fact there is only one song "Happy Hour" with vocals. All the others tracks are only instrumentals which show the great ability of Mattias to plays with his magic Caparison Apple Horn. And when I say "magic" I don't exaggerate, because Mattias has his proper manner to plays the guitar, and believe me that if you are a real guitar lover, it's impossible to be insensible when you listen his music. Why? Well because in general Mattias know how to do "funny music" and "touching music". Yeah that's true, without any lyrics and only his guitar, he know how to do tracks who will give you laugh. How? Well some examples: he is the only one guitarist who can do crazy Dildo guitar solo, or do a really funny cover of the music of Galaxian, or do a "Dance" electric cover of "Smoke On The Water" especially written for his pets
Yeah his spirit is certainly disturbed but anyway this guy is great and really he is a magic musician and it's certainly the reason that do that he is my favourite guitarist, my favourite compositor

Don't believe that all the tracks are "funny" a lot of it are also very touching too and it's one of the other reason which do that IA is a great musician. Some tracks like the sad "The Woman In Seat 27A"; the silly Gipsy "Jazzy" homage to the great Django Reinhardt with a really personal cover of "Minor Swing" or "Asteroid 3834" especially written for the spiritual master of Mattias, Mr Frank Zappa, are very touching if you like beautiful music
Really this album is maybe strange but if you have the spirit of a guitarist [and if you're not afraid to be disgusted to play the guitar after that you'll listen this album] it's a real must have. Then ok maybe if the major default of this production is the fact that it's certainly more an album for the fans of IA or for the fans of great guitar demonstration than an album for all the people, I think that you could try it because at the end you'll meet a great guy through his music. At less with "Happy Hour" you could see how sound Mattias's band Freak Kitchen [If you don't know them and if you like great 90's Hard Rock you must buy all their albums it's an order!!!].
With an excellent production and a great sound and with a really funny booklet with a ton of crazy funny draws and all the stories of each tracks [a really good idea], "The Road Less Traveled" is a really fresh album, something that you can't listen everyday.

I'm a fan of Mattias and Freak Kitchen then I can't give my opinion [yeah it's great!!! he is the best!!! we love you Mattias!!! )] but guys and girls I really think that you could have a look on Freak Guitar, because it's something original with a ton of talent in it and it show again that Mr IA is one of the new guitar heroes of the metal scene [You don't believe me then ask to Mr Steve Vai, he could explain that for me].

"The Road Less Traveled" =] a must have for the ones who like one instrument, the guitar

Written by Jeff | 06.06.2004


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09.11.2008 - 12:52
Totemic Lust
This is one of the wackiest albums I have ever heard... I downloaded "There's No Money In Jazz" months ago and finally got around to picking this one up recently. Each track brings something unexpected and there isn't a dull moment. The "Smoke on the Water" cover is the best and most unique I have heard. Buckethead should start taking notes because this is how you can be technical yet still keep the listener's interest... Nice Review

P.S. Minor Swing and Asteroid 3834 definitely sound like Frank Zappa you are very right

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