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Eden Sands - review

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Band: Eden Sands

First riffs, first melodies, first songs and first album for Eden Sands, a new young combo coming from France. "Living Kills", their first release is lovely surprise! Sure the music is classic melodic Heavy Metal but it's easy to see that the band has a lot of potential and could maybe become a new Heavenly for example. Time will tell but this new signature of Brennus Music (the official new French talents launcher) is all but bad. If you're a true Heavy Metal fan looking for new discovery, I'm quite sure that "Living Kills" could be a good surprise. Will it hurt if you try this new band? No way! So please don't wait anymore time and discover this new Metal act coming from Frog land!

Ok ok, "Living Kills" is not a revelation in term of compositions. The songs are good and all but this is classic. On the other hand this is good melodic Heavy Metal with good powerful riffs and of course nice melodies which will invite you to shake your head! The good thing too is that the music is not too "nice", I mean that the melodies can be dark too and definitely not in the Power Metal spirit. Eden Sands is maybe just young, you know, I think that the band will find a way to become a bit more original. They just need time and find their own route, and I'm quite sure that they will do it!

Even if it's French album, "Living Kills" doesn't suffer of any comparisons with German bands for example. The recording and production is solid, the cover is a bit cliché but ok, all in all, the album can be considered as a good professional release. Plus the musicians are all really good and I'm surprised by the quality of the voice of Stefan Tudela. This guy was totally unknown for me before today but obviously he has to be considered as a great singer of Heavy Metal. Seriously we don't have a lot of singers with is talent in France

Oki, "Living Kills" is classic and definitely not revolutionary but anyway how many bands are original nowadays? On the other hand, this is a really good first album and the fans of Angra, Heavenly and melodic Heavy Metal in general should have a look at this new release. Eden Sands is a good band with a really good front man so please give a chance to this newcomer, you shouldn't be disappointed. No doubt anymore, "Living Kills" = good Heavy Metal!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 13.07.2009


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14.07.2009 - 07:00

I like the artcover

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