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Qantice - The Cosmocinesy review


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Band: Qantice
Album: The Cosmocinesy
Release date: 2009

01. Budding From the Mist
02. Head Over Worlds
03. Pirates
04. Megantrop
05. Ocean Eclipse
06. The Hero That You Need
07. Burial Wave
08. The Question
09. Best In The Well
10. The Least Worst Ending

Let's listen to some true European Power Metal one more time! Hum ok well all those new bands sounds similar in general but I think that, finally, I found something a bit different! The name of this new band is Qantice and their first album The Cosmocinesy proposes some new things even if, of course, it also follows the rules of the genre. Let's have a look at it now!

The Cosmocinesy sounds a bit like the old Angra, this is clearly Power Metal, melodic to death but with good tunes and it's catchy if you like such music. It could be quickly boring too, because after all this is frequently the same kind of music when it comes to Power and new bands but the guys of Qantice had the good idea to add violins on a lot of the songs but not in a classical or symphonic music way. In the end this is more like a crossover between Folk and Power, with orchestrations and symphonic stuff too but with nice melodies which are played by Yoshika and her violin and that's really good. On the other hand, The Cosmocinesy remains classic on a side and even if we're in front of good ideas, there are also really conventional arrangements. Maybe that The Cosmocinesy just suffers a bit of its classicism on a side but at least the band tried to add something else to its music. It works and I liked it!

The lyrics are conceptual and talk about a futuristic fantasy story. The songs are not linear and clearly represent the story. Musically speaking, all the musicians are solid but the high vocals of Vincent Pichereau can be out of tune sometime even if his voice is not too bad actually. Don't know if work will fix that or not but maybe that it could be good to find a good compromise at least, no need to be high to be good if you see what I mean? The recording is good and the artwork is great and I really like the drawing on the cover. Everything looks really professional no doubt?

The Cosmocinesy is not perfect and a bit common sometime but all in all there are a lot of good ideas on this album and the band sounds promising. Sure you'll have to like Euro Power Metal to like it but if you're into this kind of music, you just have to know that you're in front of a nice newcomer which finally found a way to add additional stuff to its music. With time Qantice should become "something". If they follow the good work, it should pay!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 01.10.2009

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