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Beherit - The Oath Of Black Blood review


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Band: Beherit
Album: The Oath Of Black Blood
Release date: 1991

01. Intro
02. Metal Of Death
03. The Oath Of Black Blood
04. Grave Desecration
05. Witchcraft
06. Goat Worship
07. Demonomancy
08. Black Mass Prayer
09. Beast Of Damnation
10. Hail Sathanas
11. Dawn Of Satan's Millennium

Maybe the filthiest black metal band in history, this is their first full length album (actually it's more like a compilation of "Demonomancy" and "Dawn Of Satan's Millennium"). It's really incredible, this band goes directly to the point, raw music, awesome cover, and some blasphemous lyrics. The Oath of Black Blood is a very good album, with ugly production, awesome cover, and music that easily could be catalogued as Death Metal, but still having those elements that make Beherit one of the best Black Metal bands in Metal scene.

The songs are very simple (that does not mean bad), for example "The Oath of Black Blood." Of course the production does not help here, but when Nuclear Holocausto starts screamingman I swear he will take the shit out of you. His vocals are in a good way very scary, and oddly structured, but this only sets a grim atmosphere to this song. The riffs are very good (it's difficult to appreciate them clearly though) and the bass playing is insanely low and tremulous which is also a very good thing. The point is that all of those elements make "The Oath of Black Blood" different to other black metal albums, in fact this album gives birth to what we know as "Drone" Black Metal, the most violent and untamed Black Metal Ramification.

Every song is unbelievable, the first 7 songs are just breathtaking, those songs are like a huge drill penetrating in your forehead with no mercy, a mixture of brutality and a grim atmosphere. The album manages to flow easily, the best thing is that every time you hear this album you'll discover a "new" incredible thing in it, believe me.

This album deserves to be catalogued as a "cult" album, the music sometimes is repetitive and simplistic but mysteriously in a very good and unusual way, this album is the pioneer of every other Black Metal band with raw production and hellish vocals, a masterpiece that we all should have in our collection, one of the bests Black Metal Albums ever released (along with Drawing Down The Moon, and some others).

Written by Herzebeth | 12.07.2005


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28.09.2007 - 19:36

Haha, it simply fits Beherit to be rated 6.6 in a way or another.
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