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Dissection - Maha Kali review


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Band: Dissection
Album: Maha Kali
Release date: 2004

01. Maha Kali
02. Unhallowed

Dissection, one of the greatest Scandinavian bands, haunted the extreme metal scene with only two albums: "The Somberlain" and the frozen and elegiac "Storm of the Light's Bane". However, they were put under the ice when their mastermind Jon Nodtveidt was imprisoned for murder. In the 2004, the phoenix rose from its ashes as the Rebirth of Dissection became a reality, not a dream in the minds of the people that loved Dissection's exceptional music. The new line can definitely raise hell on stage: Jon Nodtveidt on the vocals and the guitars, Set Teitan on the guitars, Thomas Asklund on the drums and Brice Leclercq on the bass guitar.

"Maha Kali" is the new CD-single of Dissection and contains two songs, "Maha Kali" and a new version of the great "Unhallowed". One more time, the cover for the CD-single is made by his majesty Necrolord and represents the lyrical concept of "Maha Kali" hailing the mother of Darkness. Well, some people might say that Dissection did betray the fans because the song "Maha Kali" does not remind them much the band's glorious past. Yet, I can tell you that it is a great mid-tempo composition, a song that will haunt you for sure. The whole song is based on mid-tempo guitar riffing and Jon's descriptive voice, and the atmosphere becomes darker and mystical when the female vocals hail the name of Kali. Before accusing Dissection for using female vocals, you should know that the song is not based on them; they intensify the atmosphere.

Dissection and Jon offer another great piece of work, an utterly elegiac composition. "Maha Kali" is filled with inspired guitar riffing, a great heavy guitar solo, exceptional vocals by Jon, an intense mystical feeling and a sense of bitterness and strange melancholy that Dissection always used to offer to us, their fans. The only negative aspect of this release is that the guitars are a bit back in the production, but don't forget that the vocals and the guitars were recorded in prison before Jon was out. "Maha Kali" is just a taste of what will follow. Beware and tremble to the wrath of the Rebirth of Dissection!

Written on 31.07.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."

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