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Best One-and-done Album/bands

Some of the best metal albums ever released have been by bands that only had one full length release.
Currently, list is a work-in-progress.

1. Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris
2. Caladan Brood - Echoes Of Battle
3. Disembowelment - Transcendence Into The Peripheral
4. Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters
5. Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography

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Created by sgtrobo on 25.08.2021

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Land Of Metal And Heavy: Portland

Do you know this feeling when you stumble across a random word, and then suddenly that name pops up just about everywhere? That specific term haunting yours truly has long been "Portland, Oregon". It seems to me that every new discovery was founded in Portland, apparently every other album was mastered at Brad Boatright's Audiosiege Studio in Portland, and every single of my favorite bands had, at some point, performed on a stage somewhere in Portland.

1. Abhorrent Affliction - Forever Will He Reign
2. Acathexis - Acathexis
3. Ænigmatum - Deconsecrate
4. Ævangelist - Dream An Evil Dream III
5. Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere

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Created by Starvynth on 13.08.2021

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The Best Metal Albums* From A To # (T)

This list is meant to be an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, collection of the greatest (modern) metal albums and eps. Running the gamut from avant-garde to trve norweigan black metal. *As someone who is young in age, my tastes tend to revolve around the period of the 80s to the present.* Although certain metal albums from before will certainly be featured, the period of the 60s-70s will be under-represented. I refer you to this excellent list to gain a better appreciation for some of the best metal from that period:

1. !T.O.O.H.! - Order And Punishment (Řád A Trest)
2. T.R.A.M. - Lingua Franca
3. Taake - ...Doedskvad
4. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster - Exegesis
5. Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi

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Created by Uxküll on 24.02.2021

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MS Meta(l) List Of The 2010's - Top 200

10 years
20 decade lists
749 bands
973 albums

200 top albums from 2010-2019


How are the points calculated?
Simple math.

Ranked top lists:
1st place = 150 pts.
2nd place = 149 pts.
100th place = 51 pts.
150th place = 1 pt.

Alphabetically sorted lists:
Each place = 100 pts.

1. Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
2. Esoteric - Paragon Of Dissonance
3. Emptiness - Nothing But The Whole
4. Esoteric - A Pyrrhic Existence
5. Tribulation - The Formulas Of Death

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Created by Starvynth on 24.05.2020

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Me(tal) In The 2010s

Descriptions will probably be added/edited a few times as I always write this stuff pretty quickly and sometimes can't find the right words to describe somehting so abstract as music. A lot of my taste just boils down to "sounds interesting" or "catchy". So yeah. Most of this will have overlaps with other lists I made because I have very narrow taste.

1. Gnaw Their Tongues - L'arrivée De La Terne Mort Triomphante
2. Murmuüre - Murmuüre
3. The Meads of Asphodel - The Murder Of Jesus The Jew

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Created by DeliciousDishes on 10.02.2020

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Top 100 Albums Of 2010-2019

Another 2010-2019 list! I guess a lot of people will hate on me for #2, but I love that album. Enjoy!

1. Møl - Jord
2. The Haunted - Unseen
3. The Moth Gatherer - A Bright Celestial Light
4. Vola - Applause Of A Distant Crowd
5. Liberteer - Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees

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Created by Kuroboshi on 05.01.2020

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You Know It's Technically 2011-2020, Right?

To explain the title, there is no year 0, regardless of what Ghost may tell you. Thus, the first decade was years 1-10, instead of 0-9. So then it would be 11-20, and so on. But I know that would imply that Paranoid is a 60s album, which we cannot have.

So now that all the cool kids are doing it, here is my top 100 albums of the "decade", most of it might be a bit too mainsteam, most of it you'll find on others' lists, and so on. Restricted to one album per artist/band (including collabs), ordered alphabetically.

1. Abyssal - Antikatastaseis
2. Agalloch - The Serpent & The Sphere
3. Akhlys - The Dreaming I
4. Alcest - Écailles De Lune
5. Altar Of Plagues - Teethed Glory & Injury

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Created by RaduP on 31.12.2019

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My Favourites And Why I Like Them

I always admired people who do really cool lists. But since I don't know anything, I can't really make a good one. So here's the babby-boy of lists, just to get my juices flowing. In the sexual way of course.

Will be updated and expanded upon as I have time and see fit. The goal is to get my top 50 maybe, but there's a long road ahead of that.

1. Neurosis - Souls At Zero
2. Neurosis - Times Of Grace
3. Terra Tenebrosa - The Tunnels

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Created by DeliciousDishes on 05.06.2018

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Top 2017 Albs/eps.

Still not full complete list. Some new ones will be added, and others changing spots. It's just there as of now to keep track.
Been many goodies this year at least for me and i might still be caught surprised.

1. Sunless - Urraca
2. Rebirth Of Nefast - Tabernaculum
3. Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon
4. Tchornobog - Tchornobog
5. Dodecahedron - Kwintessens

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Created by ShapeshiftingD on 02.12.2017

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A Way To Remember All The Great Stuff From 2017

Will eventually turn this into an end of year list. Includes both Metal and non Metal stuff.
In no particular order.

1. Process Of Guilt - Black Earth
2. Rosetta - Utopioid
3. Akercocke - Renaissance In Extremis
4. Tchornobog - Tchornobog
5. Schammasch - The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite

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Created by InnerSelf on 30.09.2017

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2017, Part 2: But I Haven't Finished The First Half Yet!

Still got plenty of stuff to catch up from Q1 and Q2 from this year, but will probably end up checking out some stuff from second half of 2017 before I'm done with all of that, so here's this list.

1. Mastodon - Cold Dark Place
2. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant
3. Passages - Lucid
4. Enslaved - E
5. Dvne - Asheran

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Created by musclassia on 05.07.2017

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Favourite albums of 2017 (including only those which I would rate 7+)

1. The Contortionist - Clairvoyant
2. Archspire - Relentless Mutation
3. Heretoir - The Circle
4. Converge - The Dusk In Us
5. Ulver - The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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Created by Moose on 01.07.2017

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My Favorite Album Artworks

Music is not taken into account here.

1. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
3. Korn - Korn
4. Tool - Lateralus
5. Mägo De Oz - Gaia II - La Voz Dormida

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Created by pablogl on 14.05.2017

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२०१७ - Tempus Optimum Est

Favorite metal releases from 2017

1. Hell (USA) - Hell - Sludge/Doom // USA // Sentient Ruin Laboratories/LowerYourHead
2. Ascended Dead - Abhorrent Manifestation
3. Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape
4. Suffering Hour - In Passing Ascension
5. Godflesh - Post Self

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Created by 3rdWorld on 22.04.2017

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2017: Yes For Music

The best album covers of 2017:

Bell Witch ‎- Mirror Reaper
~ Mariusz Lewandowski ~

Tchornobog - Tchornobog
~ Adam Burke ~

Amenra - Mass VI
~ Stephan Vanfleteren ~

Blut Aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meæ
~ Anna Levytska ~

Progenie Terrestre Pura - OltreLuna
~ Abalakin ~

1. Tchornobog - Tchornobog
2. Below The Sun - Alien World
3. Emptiness - Not For Music
4. Amenra - Mass VI
5. Process Of Guilt - Black Earth

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Created by Pa┼║ on 16.04.2017