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Ville Laihiala


1996-2005 Sentenced - vocals  
2000-2004 Poisonblack - guitars  
2004- Poisonblack - guitars, vocals  
2015- S-Tool - vocals, guitars  
2021- Ville Laihiala & Saattajat - vocals  

Guest musician

2004 Negative - vocals  
2004 Ghost Machinery - vocals  
2009 Catamenia - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 13.06.1973

Ville Laihiala (born June 13, 1973 in Oulu, Finland) is the current vocalist and guitarist of the Finnish Gothic metal group Poisonblack. He was also the frontman for Sentenced from 1996 (when he replaced their former Bassist and Vocalist Taneli Jarva) until the group ended their career 2005. When joining Sentenced he was soon accepted by fans. He only wrote very few songs for Sentenced (whose main-songwriters were Miika Tenkula and Sami Lopakka), for example the song "Aika Multaa Muistot" on the "The Cold White Light" album.