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Scott Michael Kelly


1985-2019 Neurosis - guitars, vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
1993-2022 Tribes Of Neurot - drums, guitars (as Scott Kelly)  
2000-2022 Scott Kelly - all instruments, vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2008-2022 Shrinebuilder - guitars, vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2012-2022 Corrections House - guitars (as Scott Kelly)  
2015-2022 Absent In Body - vocals, guitars (as Scott Kelly)  

Guest musician

2004-2017 Mastodon - vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2007 7000 Dying Rats - vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2011 Yob - vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2012 Amenra - vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2013 Melvins - vocals (as Scott Kelly)  
2016 Nails - voice (as Scott Kelly)  

Personal information

Born on: 13.06.1967

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Scott Kelly is one of three founding members of Oakland, California experimental metal band Neurosis, in which he is a vocalist and guitarist. He has been writing and publishing music since 1985 with Neurosis, Tribes of Neurot, Blood and Time and his solo acoustic project. He is also involved in a project named Shrinebuilder involving Al Cisneros, Scott Weinrich, and Dale Crover. The first album from Shrinebuilder was released in October 2009. He has also guested on five albums by the band Mastodon. In addition to his musical projects Scott, along with his bandmates in Neurosis, is co-owner of Neurot Recordings. He and a friend also run an internet radio site called Combat Music Radio. Beginning in April 2011 he began hosting a monthly radio show on Scions' Radio 17 channel 5. Since December 2008 Scott has written a blog, named 'We Burn Through the Night', on the Blogspot site. In addition to information about his projects this blog also offers personal thoughts and insights, as well as stories from his life experiences. A native of the East Bay area, Scott now resides with his wife Sarah and two youngest children in the woods of Southern Oregon.
Scott Kelly cites Black Flag, Pink Floyd, Die Kreuzen, Amebix, Jimi Hendrix, King Crimson, Melvins, Celtic Frost and Hank Williams as important influences.