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Evrope Ov Ólde

These songs make me think of times so old that none of us were there to experience them. The criteria for the inclusion of a song are so personal here that there's a high chance you think something should be on here and I might love the same song you're thinking of but I would still not put it on here.

I don't like Varg btw

1. Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi
2. Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
3. Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times
4. Windir - Arntor
5. Bathory - Hammerheart

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Created by Qualeen on 20.10.2023

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My All Time Top 26 Metal Albums

My favorite 26 albums in metal

1. Ne Obliviscaris - Portal Of I
2. In Mourning - Shrouded Divine
3. Agalloch - Pale Folklore
4. Opeth - Blackwater Park
5. Be'lakor - Of Breath And Bone

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Created by ScarFury on 04.08.2023

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Making My Way Through The MS Top 200

The MS top 200 is supposed to represent the absolute peak of metal music, the timeless classics. I have been listening to metal for about 6 years now and would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about the genre. Yet, I have barely heard half of what the top 200 has to offer. I am now on a quest to listen to it all and give an honest opinion on what I thought of it.
This list will show every album of the top 200 and if I've listened to it whether it's an all-time favourite of mine (+++), I really like it (++), I like it (+), it’s good (*), it’s not great (-), I really dislike it (--) or I hate it from the bottom of my heart (---). The same symbols will be used to characterize what I think my opinion of the albums I haven't heard yet will be, based on my knowledge of the bands and of the genre they play. (?) signifies that I have no idea of whether I'll enjoy it or not and (/) means that my opinion of the album is probably obsolete, and I need to listen to it again. A ★ means the album is in my own top 200.
Edit: The bottom of the top 200 has been changing a lot, with some stuff formerly in the list now closer to 240th, so this is now a top 250. I’m not sure I want to expand the list further down, but I’ll see whenever it’s completed if I feel like going for a top 300 or something like that.
Best discoveries so far: Wildhoney, Nightfall, Out Of Myself, Portal Of I, Autumn Aurora, Nemesis Divina, Abigail, V: Hävitetty, Sounds Of Pain.

1. Albums I am yet to hear:
2. -----------------------------
3. W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol
4. Saturnus - Veronika Decides To Die
5. Ensiferum - Ensiferum

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Created by doez on 13.04.2023

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Great Album Covers 👍👍👍

A list of my favorite album covers

1. Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion
2. Mercyful Fate - Melissa
3. Slayer - Reign In Blood
4. Motörhead - Motörhead
5. Iron Maiden - Powerslave

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Created by Blackcrowe on 31.03.2023

Nice Ones

Feels like a nice cold drink when listening to these ones

1. Fear Factory - Archetype
2. Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked
3. Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory
4. AC/DC - ballbreaker
5. AC/DC - Powerage

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Created by BrokenWrench5834 on 29.03.2023

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Currently Listening... (February 2023 Edition)

These are albums that I'm currently enjoying. They may be classics that I'm revisiting or new gems I've recently discovered. (Ordered alphabetically)

- A star (⭐️) denotes a new discovery that I find exceptionally special!
- A flame (🔥) denotes an album that I've heard before, enjoyed, and am revisiting this month!

1. Ancient - Svartalvheim
2. Arizmenda - Spiders Lust In The Dungeon’s Dust
3. Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
4. Carnosus - Visions Of Infinihility
5. Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

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Created by F3ynman2000 on 02.02.2023

InstruMEnTAL Metal Songs

This is an alphabetical list dedicated for the celebration of great instrumental songs that have been included by vocal groups as original contribution to an album. Therefore, this list does not include instrumental-based groups like Apocalyptica, songs that have a significant part with spoken words / human voices or instrumental versions of vocal songs or other bonus material.

Please feel free to suggest more of your favorite songs for this list !

1. Accept - Objection Overruled
2. Anathema - Judgement
3. Arch Enemy - War Eternal
4. Arch Enemy - Will To Power
5. As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us

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Created by Plattner on 28.01.2023

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My Favorite Albums Of All Time.

Listen to metal for more than the half of my life, here is the list of my favorites albums of all time.

1. Alcest - Les Voyages De L'âme
2. Alcest - Kodama
3. Alcest - Spiritual Instinct
4. Alestorm - Sunset On The Golden Age
5. Alestorm - No Grave But The Sea

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Created by Charlotbk on 16.01.2023

Artwork: Progressive Metal Albums

This is a list of progressive metal albums (in alphabetical order) based on their artwork. It includes iconic cover art from classic albums as well as fascinating work from more recent releases.
There is a saying that "you should not judge a book by its cover", which is of course also true in the case of music albums. However, the artwork can complement the production and give a visual introduction to the musical theme and atmosphere. More than for any other kind of music, this may be true for metal.

(Updated 30.01.2023)

1. Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud
2. Deadsoul Tribe - The January Tree
3. Death - Symbolic
4. Disillusion - Ayam
5. Dordeduh - Har

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Created by Plattner on 27.12.2022

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My Must Listen Albums

1. Agalloch - Pale Folklore
2. Agalloch - The Mantle
3. Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain
4. Ahab - The Call of The Wretched Sea
5. Amon Amarth - Twilight of The Thunder God

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Created by P3YM4N on 12.12.2022

My Top 50 Albums Of 2000-2009

1. Opeth - Ghost Reveries
2. Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
3. Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane
4. Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet
5. Opeth - Blackwater Park

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Created by JHK on 01.10.2022

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Top 50

Subject to change from time to time.

1. Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen
2. Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
3. Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil
4. Opeth - Still Life
5. Ne Obliviscaris - Citadel

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Created by MR11MAIDEN on 28.09.2022

Opeth Albums Ranked

here another top for a band that have a huge impact in my life.

1. Opeth - Ghost Reveries
2. Opeth - Blackwater Park
3. Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse
4. Opeth - Deliverance
5. Opeth - Watershed

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Created by Charlotbk on 22.09.2022

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Top Metal Albums Of All Time

I started listening to metal music when I was a teenager, somewhere around the end of the 90's. After all these years, I thought it was high time to compose my personal top list of metal albums. What you see here is the absolute best of the best ... according to my taste.

To compile this list I have put all albums that I have given a 10/10 here on MS. Then I have put all these albums in a Ranking Engine ( where they were put head to head and I had to choose which I liked more. The list below is what came out of this exercise.

1. Opeth - Deliverance
2. Opeth - Blackwater Park
3. Edge Of Sanity - Crimson
4. Edge Of Sanity - Purgatory Afterglow
5. Cobalt - Eater of Birds

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Created by Miohn on 18.09.2022

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Top Metal Albums Each Year I Have Been Alive 2001

A little list series where I list my top 20 favorite metal albums every year starting from the year I was born in.

2001 was pretty great year... for metal that is, one of the best in my opinion, this year was especially great for Symphonic metal, power metal and Folk metal. Also 2001 saw the release of a couple of the most Iconic albums in progressive metal history.

1. Opeth - Blackwater Park
2. System Of A Down - Toxicity
3. Rammstein - Mutter
4. Ensiferum - Ensiferum
5. Moonsorrow - Voimasta Ja Kunniasta

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Created by Handala on 08.09.2022