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Ethereal Shroud - Trisagion

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Release date: 10 December 2021
Style: Atmospheric black metal, Funeral doom metal


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01. Chasmal Fires [feat. Shannon Greaves]
02. Discarnate
03. Astral Mariner
04. Lanterns [bonus]

Top 20 albums of 2021: 4

Joe Hawker - everything

Session musicians
John Kerr - drums
Richard Spencer - bass, viola

Guest musicians
Shannon Greaves - vocals

Additional info
Artwork by Phil Lang.

Staff review by
A long-awaited follow-up that is also sadly a swansong? An atmospheric black metal colossus that really wins its runtime? Yes!

published 20.12.2021 | Comments (17)

Ethereal Shroud come in the 11th hour to remind us both why atmospheric black metal can feel so majestic, and why you should wait until the year is over to make your best of lists for the year.

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29.01.2022 - 19:09
Rating: 10

I literally do not write anything in Internet as it stays there forever... no facebook, no, only using Internet for prof stuff…

As "trve" black metal head I prefer direct human to human interaction or contemplating sense of life in loneliness... right? ))
But it drives me crazy..
This music deserve writing anything or.. in my selfishness I just need to express what I think?? I don't know...
To the point.

It was almost midnight of some ugly cold, winter, boring, lack of sense, identical as other January day..

As mid age man, my day is full of duties... but hey.. i have 20 minutes before midnight before sleep... let see what new stuff is on the top list in metalstorm....
What? Some Ethereal shi.... I haven't seen that over there a month ago.. Some completely new stuff out of sudden...

Ok let's read comments...
RaduP too long review where he literally repeat the same all the time "i cannot describe how good it is"


Then Nikarg jealous that he didn't do review earlier…

Even weirder...

All comments, except literally one, also on bandcamp - that it is epic, massive, journey to other dimension, blah, blah...
Okeyyy black world went nuts on this...

I'm tired, 27 minutes song? are you kidding???
Ok I will listen half song and go to sleep.

Beginning, like intro, but not quite - much later I realized that it took 3 minutes! but I would not shorten it even be a second!
Is this guy me? I would start epic song the same way...

I'm no more sleepy after an intro.. I'm focused.

Then finally initial blast and scream, guitars, black percussion - yeah I would do the same... is it me writing this song?

Pure Anger. Adrenaline injection into veins... Attack or run!
... then slow down... sadness.. then repeat of black percussion...

I'm shocked. Each minute i'm opening eyes wider and wider.. Ignoring and do not realizing that I'm increasing sound volume in my headset..

Perfect blend of black with doom... when too much black aggression becoming tiresome, doom passages enter, and this small additions, but so important: some woman vocal, literally three ambient samples, and THIS violin...
...layers of layers...

And out of sudden - it is midnight.

20 minutes left.. I don't know when...

But me thinking... Nooo, it cannot end this way..,
Now I understand this song, it cannot end this way - there need to be epic outro, mixing all together... It has to be there!
... quick look at phone... ufff 7 minutes left...
... and this guitars enter... i'm happy... ufff
...dopamine and adrenaline fills my veins... Apart form mixture of utter anger, sadness .... i think this song is positive, full of hope and happiness.... totally shocked...

My headset is max volume... Eyes fully open. I'm in the different dimension...
...and the ending - the last 2 minutes...
... the last 2 minutes...

I went sleep... But I didn't fell asleep for long time... It was not the same, ugly day anymore...
I was smiling.... I recalled a scene from It Crowd series, when Richmond discovered CradleOfFilth.. It is really funny to be Richmond now....

This is emotional rollercoaster.
Even if you play it in background, it will not let you do the work, it will cause you to focus on the music..

Which is what I love in music and art.
It forces you to stop doing what you do, so that you start contemplating your time on this planet and help answer who you really are and why the heck you are doing what you are doing...

Definitely AOTY in melodic black, maybe even in black genre as a whole... in the end who knows what black metal is?
If some of you reading this is one of 7 people in the world knowing what black metal is? please tell me

Thank you for this…
Just thank you. You are true artist.

PS. Astral Mariner, especially last 5 minutes... f.. doom metal beauty...
05.02.2022 - 08:01
Rating: 6

Many people here like it, idk it just bores me to death.
Ride a horse that's cleaving through the air and space of dreams.
06.02.2022 - 15:24
Rating: 7
Nocturnal Bro
Written by Mehrad on 05.02.2022 at 08:01

Many people here like it, idk it just bores me to death.

Yeah, I don't like it that much either. There's definitely better black metal out there in my opinion
25.04.2022 - 03:55
Rating: 8

Loved it, didn't go crazy over it. But all of them 3 songs are engaging enough to justify the song lengths.
Leeches everywhere.

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