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Madder Mortem - Old Eyes, New Heart

7.5 | 78 votes |
Release date: 26 January 2024
Style: Avantgarde metal, Gothic metal


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01. Coming From The Dark
02. On Guard
03. Master Tongue
04. The Head That Wears The Crown
05. Cold Hard Rain
06. Unity
07. Towers
08. Here And Now
09. Things I'll Never Do
10. Long Road

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It takes Madder Mortem less than 20 seconds to deliver one of this year's most memorable choruses.

published 05.02.2024 | Comments (4)

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21.01.2024 - 13:09

26.01.2024 - 07:58
Rating: 10

So first, disclaimer: Madder Mortem is my most listened band ever according to, so yes, I`m biased.
But this album is pure magic. "Old eyes, new heart" for sure. MM sounds even more experimental and crosses even more musical bridges here (something that could be seen as impossible after so many albums already).
I just love that they embrace different paths, are not afraid of toning down metal in some songs and just create that trademark emotional sound the way they feel the best.

Once again it`s moody.
It`s extra emotional.
It`s unexpected.
It`s hyper-melodic.
It`s another evolution.

MM always knows how to keep the right amount of old and add enough new to make this unique.

I feel like "Eight ways" started a new approach, that was finalized by "Marrow".

"Old eyes, new heart" sounds like once again a new chapter starting.
We still have at least 4 albums to go (RTEM), can`t wait to hear what`s next! Let`s hope we won`t need to wait another 6-7 years.

the riddle wants to be...
26.01.2024 - 11:26

Very, very nice album. I agree with pretty much everything annodomini above me says.
26.01.2024 - 14:57
Rating: 8

Always appreciate the fact that band brings great emotion and atmosphere, but they’re still never afraid to go hard and bring some thick ass riffs when you least expect it. Another solid work from one of the coolest gothic bands out there
27.01.2024 - 08:29
Rating: 7
A Nice Guy
Even if I don't find anything exceptional about this it's still quite a pleasantly enjoyable listen, with some powerful and emotive songwriting. "Here And Now" seems to be the track that stands-out most for me.
28.01.2024 - 16:37
Rating: 7

Never really listened to this band, but I am actually pretty impressed. I’ve listened to this record two times now, and I really like their style. I’m not blown away but positively surprised!

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29.01.2024 - 11:13
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Just memory, distant memory. Album has some parts, some vibes, but this can be good for non metal articles. I did like this band in a past, I dont wanna say its let down, but I am not blown away.
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
31.01.2024 - 18:34

Great ending to the record
07.02.2024 - 11:35
Rating: 9
Strong Avatarium vibes
09.02.2024 - 18:43
Rating: 9

I love all of Madder Mortem's releases - at least since Desiderata - and I have to say that I think this one is Agnete's strongest work as a lyricist. I usually fall in love with the music before I start to notice the lyrics, but here the lyrics really carried me through the listening experience.

Also, I think this is BP's best mixing and production since Eight Ways. It's dynamic and clear and breathes without too much compression.

I don't think that Madder Mortem has ever put on a song that could be considered filler, but they do occasionally have a song or two that don't quite come together. Not here, though. I think every one hits.
Hopepunk living on a grimdark timeline
10.02.2024 - 23:56

Written by robpal on 07.02.2024 at 11:35

Strong Avatarium vibes

Yeah the end of "Cold Hard Rain" thrown me back at them
22.02.2024 - 22:12
Rating: 9

So far, this is my favorite album this year.

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