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Grim Reaper - See You In Hell

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Release date: 1984
Style: Heavy metal, New wave of British heavy metal


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01. See You In Hell
02. Dead On Arrival
03. Liar
04. Wrath Of The Ripper
05. Now Or Never
06. Run For Your Life
07. The Show Must Go On
08. All Hell Let Loose

Additional info
Re-released as a two-in-one special on February 2nd, 1999 with Fear No Evil.

Guest review by
omne metallum
The short version: the right album at the wrong time.

Had See You In Hell been released just a few years earlier when NWOBHM was in its ascendency, Grim Reaper would more than likely have seen their name listed next to other greats of the genre whenever the topic is mentioned. Alas, it is due to poor timing that this album has slipped many by, for if you ever decide to listen to See You In Hell you will know it wasn't for lack of quality that the album isn't regarded as a classic.

published 01.05.2020 | Comments (3)

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09.11.2014 - 10:14
Account deleted
I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing "SEE YOU IN HELL, MY FRIEND!"
04.10.2015 - 20:58
Rating: 7
JC Steele
A bit overrated IMO, I cannot see how this is 8-9. Some good vocals, catchy parts, too much repetitiveness, no real hit or killer songs. Easy to listen, easy to like, but hard to find this as outstanding or classic.
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07.03.2016 - 18:02
Rating: 7

I don't think Grim Reaper were ever that important to the growing NWOBHM scene in the 80s, but for what it is, this debut effort is pretty decent. However, it's not really a classic, and there aren't any particularly outstanding tracks save for the aggressive-than-most closer "All Hell Let Loose". I feel that the band lose their musical power in the mid-section of the album somewhat ("Liar" through "Now or Never"), but generally this is a solid effort.
10.04.2017 - 23:05
Rating: 7

Good album, but like previously stated, no stand out tracks. See You In Hell is fun. I think my favourite is The Show Must Go On.
30.07.2019 - 18:51
Rating: 7

If only fate had been a little bit kinder to Grim Reaper, they could well have become serious contenders in metal and this is a great album that will remain in the memory of many.
26.10.2021 - 22:51
Rating: 7
Metal Rabotnik

Since Grim Reaper's releasing a boxed set containing these three albums in November 5th, I had to re-listen them just to see if the thing is worth purchasing. Out of the three this one was my favourite in the late 90's when I first found them, in the old times way before this internet culture we have nowadays emerged, gems like this were very scarce and every single one felt so special. These days it's just good, Wrath Of The Ripper is a killer and there's lots of nostalgia involved for me, but nothing spectacular beyond that. I still think Steve Grimmett is a seriously underrated singer.
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