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Om - Advaitic Songs

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Release date: 24 July 2012
Style: Drone doom metal, Stoner metal


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01. Addis
02. State Of Non-Return
03. Gethsemane
04. Sinai
05. Haqq Al-Yaqin

Emil Amos - drums
Al Cisneros - bass, vocals

Session musicians
Kate Ramsey - vocals
Jory Fankuchen - violin
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - tambura, vocals
Homnath Upadhyaya - tabla
Lorraine Rath - flute
Jackie Perez Gratz - cello
Lucas Chen - cello

Guest review by
Auntie Sahar
I'm not really all that into doom metal, but lately I've been discovering several bands that have really piqued my interest with their unique twists on the genre's sound (Yob, Evoken, Esoteric, to name a few). Now I'm not exactly one to judge an album by its cover, but when I saw an album called Advaitic Songs by a band called Om that had a portrait of John the Baptist for the artwork, that inner voice in the back of my head told me that I was in for some truly interesting music. I had high expectations just from looking at the album, and my expectations were met.

published 15.11.2012 | Comments (8)

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06.06.2014 - 02:44
Rating: 7
High Fist Prog
Written by tea[m]ster on 27.07.2012 at 21:23
Not sure if this is even metal, lol. I love long, drawn out passages, but this is borderline boring. The production is fantastic and I love the bass guitar but I am not sure if I dig this. Needs more reps.

you've heard nothing! Listen to this - there's literally about 4 guitar riffs in the entire 10 minutes accompanied by an unchanging drum beat. Now that's drawn out.

I'm actually quite enjoying this album so far. It flows perfectly and there's actually quite a bit of variation and dynamics.
23.11.2014 - 17:33
Rating: 9

Ahhh I'm fucking in love with this album, I don't care about labelling it. It's defo one of this year's best finds for me.
"Time contracts, then expands, all in tune with the stirrings of the heart."
04.01.2019 - 22:57
Rating: 8

For some reason I only downloaded Gethsemane and Haqq al-Yaqin when I first encountered this, and only relistened to the whole album this evening. I have been missing out, Sinai is damn good
26.04.2019 - 05:29
Rating: 8

You have to learn to listen and appreciate other subgenres of rock like this magnificent band and this masterpiece

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