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Kamelot - Silverthorn

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Release date: 26 October 2012
Style: Symphonic power metal


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Disc I
01. Manus Dei
02. Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Torn
05. Song For Jolee
06. Veritas
07. My Confession
08. Silverthorn
09. Falling Like The Fahrenheit
10. Solitaire
11. Prodigal Son
    1 - Part I: Funerale
    2 - Part II: Burden Of Shame (The Branding)
    3 - Part III: The Journey
12. Continuum
13. Leaving Too Soon [Japanese bonus]

Disc II [box set edition bonus] [instrumental version]
01. Manus Dei
02. Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
03. Kismet
04. Ashes To Ashes
05. Torn
06. Song For Jolee
07. Veritas
08. My Confession
09. Silverthorn
10. Falling Like The Fahrenheit
11. Solitaire
12. Prodigal Son
    1 - Part I: Funerale
    2 - Part II: Burden Of Shame (The Branding)
    3 - Part III: The Journey
13. Continuum
14. Grace [bonus] [feat. Apollo Papathanasio & Niklas Engelin]

The best Power Metal album of 2012

Thomas Youngblood - guitars
Casey Grillo - drums, percussion
Oliver Palotai - keyboards, orchestration
Sean Tibbetts - bass
Tommy Karevik - vocals

Guest musicians
Elize Ryd - vocals
Alissa White-Gluz - vocals
Sascha Paeth - guitars, vocals
Michael "Miro" Rodenberg - keyboards, orchestration
Annelise Youngblood - voice
István Tamás - accordion
Cinzia Rizzo - vocals
Helena (I) - cello
Viola - viola
Miss E. - violin
Scarlett - violin

Choir - Amanda Somerville, Elize Ryd, Robert Hunecke-Rizzo, Thomas Rettke, Simon Oberender, Cinzia Rizzo.

Children's choir - Emilie Paeth, Noa Rizzo, Annelise Youngblood.

Additional info
Recorded at: Gate Studios/Wolfsburg, Morrisound Studios/Tampa,FL.,
Palosphere Studios/ Stuttgart, JohanArt/Sweden
Produced by: Sascha Paeth and Miro
Co-Produced by Kamelot
Engineers: Sascha Paeth, Miro, Olaf Reitmeier, Simon Oberender,
Jim Morris, Michelle Holtkamp, Johan Larsson
Mixed by: Sascha Paeth
Mastered by: Simon Oberender

The limited edition box contains the Ecolbook, a bonus CD with nearly 60 minutes of music, a 44 page book and an exclusive poster. The double LP version is a gatefold on colored vinyl and includes the CD.

String quartet by Eklipse.

Staff review by
Milena: After the departure of their legendary vocal powerhouse Roy Khan, Kamelot had a difficult task of picking out someone equally talented and charismatic to replace him, and the general consensus is that they couldn't have picked a better person than Tommy Karevik, the outstanding vocalist of Seventh Wonder. He didn't come to steal the show (to my slight annoyance - imagine if he went all out for this!) but to provide vocal continuity without sounding like a Roy clone, and to contribute in writing as well, for it was his ingenuity for coming up with lyrics and vocal melodies that landed him the job.

published 19.11.2012 | Comments (39)

Guest review by
"There's a pain within, that I can't define. There's an empty space, where your love used to shine" So, Roy has left, and there is one big hole left in each and every one of us. Well, at least he is alive, thankfully unlike in the lyrics above. Yet, every true Kamelotian feels the same. At least there wasn't some mass hysteria like Nightwish's 2005 case.

published 30.12.2012 | Comments (4)

If you were worried that Tommy Karevik wouldn't be able to measure up to the expectations left behind by Roy Khan...don't!

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02.11.2012 - 11:12
Rating: 9
R Lewis

Written by Guest on 02.11.2012 at 06:32

Does anyone who got the limited edition have opinions about the bonus track, "Grace"? I don't know why I still don't have my copy yet... a Japanese fan over in 2ch was saying that it's a pity that it's a bonus track because he/she thought it was up there with Forever and Karma (fans there seem to be pretty satisfied with the album overall), so I'm pretty curious about it.

I bought the limited edition. "Grace" is nice, but there's a reason why it is a bonus track: imo, it doesn't reach the high level of the other songs. And I can't think it in Karma -my favourite album together with The Black Halo-, near to "Forever". It just doesn't have that classic power metal soul, it better fits in Silverthorn. Anyway, the featuring with Apollo Papathanasio -Firewind's lead singer- is great. The contrast between Tommy's and Apollo's voices is really enjoyable. Overall, a good song, nothing extraordinary.
I really loved the ghost violin track in "Continuum".

P.S.: Oh, and read the storybook as early as you can. It helps a lot, and it's a great concept.
We could be so much more than we are. Stop.
02.11.2012 - 13:49

Written by MaamButterfly on 02.11.2012 at 05:59

Written by Epictemptation on 30.10.2012 at 06:43

Ok I might get hate for this but this album isn't what I was expecting. This album pretty much gets boring after listening to it a couple of times. Sure you may love it the first time but the songs don't have that spark I like to hear in Kamelot songs. Tommy's voice isn't shown at his highest potential and most so gs in here he just sings In a low alto form.Most of the songs sound very similar and that's is what annoys me the most about this album (Are they goin commercial now? Who knows?). I love the story behind the album, but that's pretty much it for this album. This is his first album with Kamelot so I will go easy on him by saying he has one more chance to show us his true potential with Kamelotq. If not I wish Kamelot the best.
Rate:7.5 The Album is too Overated (I like Poetry For The Posioned Better)

Don't you worry! I think exactly the same as you do. In my case, I really had high expectations but after listening to the album (I might have listened to it almost 15 times in two days) I just feel it lacks of something (apart from Roy Khan). The songs are OK but that's it. And the songwriting... well, it leaves much to be desired.

Personal Highlights: Sacrimony, Ashes to ashes and My confession.

BTW, why everyone hates PftP? LOL together with Karma it is my very fave album

Thanks man at least someone who gets what I'm feeling, I love PFTP it's an experimental album in which I find awesome
03.11.2012 - 00:32

Just listened to the album for the first time all the way through. The only song where I could be fooled into thinking Kahn was still singing was Sacrimony. My guess is that is why it was chosen as a first single. But Tommy does has a distinct voice from Kahn and brought new life to this band. I am very happy with this album, and can't wait to see what the future holds for kamelot. But after looking at the bands pic in the booklet I couldn't help but think "HOLY CRAP, PHOTOSHOP MUCH?" The semi toughguy-pretty boy look doesn't work to well.

Kahn Days:

Post Kahn:
also best example is IN the booklet

and I did like Poetry for the Poisoned, much better than Ghost Opera imo.
05.11.2012 - 11:37
Rating: 10

Easily the best album by Kamelot.
Good job Kamelot for having Tommy!
05.11.2012 - 19:34
Rating: 9

The more I listen to this album the more I love it. Sounds like they went back to their roots, a lot closer to Epica and The Black Halo. Tommy does a great job.
"I am not superstitious, but I'm a little 'stitious." - Michael Scott
08.11.2012 - 21:54
Rating: 5

This is isnt that i didn't like the new singer. Musically is boring, no atmosphere no good riffs no epic melodies no quality... It is just simple compositions to be sung.... Mehhh
10.11.2012 - 12:16
Rating: 8

This ended up growing on me a LOT. But it still pales in comparison to The Black Halo.

With that said, while it is no Black Halo, it definitely is strikingly similar to it in style and atmosphere. If they can take the direction they were going with this album and write some more memorable songs next time around, they could create something more worth of a 9 or even a 10.
But I Justify My Desire to No One
10.11.2012 - 21:19
Rating: 9
gloom cookie
It's interesting - I LIKE THIS A LOT, and yet, when ranking Kam-albums, this comes at about #4 or #5. That tells you a lot about how awesome Kamelot is.

People comparing this to The Black Halo - every power metal album ever pales in comparison with TBH. It's just, you don't get any better than that. So it's a bit of an unfair comparison, but I can see why people do that. It's the same style and it's a tragic concept album, I guess that makes them quite comparable.
7.0 means the album is good
14.11.2012 - 22:19
Rating: 9
Mountain King
K i K o
So far I like it, and I'm excited to listen to it everyday. Torn is my favorite for now.
Still nowhere near the Fourth Legacy which is my favorite Kamelot album...
28.11.2012 - 01:20
Rating: 6

03.01.2013 - 20:14
Account deleted
I really like this record! Kamelot shows that even without Khan they can make a masterpiece! Tommy did an amazing job as their new singer both studio and live! I am really exited to see what the future will bring. Kamelot Forever!
07.03.2013 - 04:21
Rating: 9

Beautiful album. Everything about it, the musicianship, songwriting, production is just awesome. I fell in love with the first listen. But honestly The Black Halo will always be my favorite (listening to it on repeat right now )
14.03.2013 - 10:28
Account deleted
Good one, much better than Ghost Opera and Poetry For The Poisoned. Tommy was a good choice, he sounds like a young Roy.
19.03.2013 - 17:10
Rating: 7
Metal Addict
Not a bad album. Tommy Karevik sounds almost exactly liek Roy Khan so one can say that Kamelot followed in the steps of Iced Earth. Well, with the exception that Iced Earth managed to write some powerful songs to let the new singer shine and I can't say the same about Kamelot. Truly, they have some great melodies and catchy choruses but it's still nothing compared to "Ghost Opera" and earlier records. Hopefully they will be able to rejuvenate on the next album.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
02.02.2015 - 05:18
Rating: 7
Alexander Volto

Really good, but I miss the epic sound of Karma.
05.01.2017 - 15:09
Rating: 7

Good single/video tracks but why bother with Elize Ryd?

Still baffles me that they ever bothered with Amanda "Rent-A-Siren" Somerville when they had Mari on hand.
13.05.2017 - 20:02
Rating: 7

I held of buying this, scared Tommy would struggle to replace Khan. When i eventually bought it i was pleasantly surprised that the new Kamelot sound worked so naturally. Unfortunately that natural ease worked againdt the album... technicially a better album than poetry but at least that album failed to do something abitious whereas most of these songs are semi forgettable. Fun to listen to but nothing here sticks with me after i put the album down.
04.10.2017 - 12:11
Rating: 5

Not bad really, the new singer is quite good. I bought it 5 years ago when it was released, i only listened to it a couple of times, idk but i just can't get to really like listening to it. At the end i gifted it to a friend. IMHO the main reason Kamelot was so good was Khan (i'm his fan since "Conception"), with his voice and his singing style.
21.05.2018 - 16:33
Rating: 6
Aries Rising

This album seems so phoned in. Listening to this, it felt like there was no inspiration or passion behind the music.
12.01.2019 - 11:39
Rating: 5

It's a couple of years since I last spinned this one, and quite often time changes the perspective of a album. When it was released I thought it was okey, atleast it was better than Poetry but still felt for the most part bland. Now I listened to both Poetry and this one and I prefer Poetry over this one, Poetry is a very uneven and messy album yet it has great ideas scattered around and it feels unique. This one on the other hand doesn't have that much greatness going on, infact it's by the numbers pretty much all the time. It very rarely elevates and when the last song has been heard the only thing I can remember is the chorus to Sacrimony, and I don't even think that chorus is anything special. Sadly I think this is overall a good example of where power metal has headed in the last 10 years, mediocrity and stagnation.
And what do you call assassins who accuse assassins anyway, my friend?
28.09.2022 - 16:31
This album keeps the tradition of good openings, and then has Veritas which is so cool

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