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Anaal Nathrakh - Desideratum

8.2 | 215 votes |
Release date: 24 October 2014
Style: Black metal, Grindcore


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01. Acheronta Movebimus
02. Unleash
03. Monstrum In Animo
04. The One Thing Needful
05. A Firm Foundation Of Unyielding Despair
06. Desideratum
07. Idol
08. Sub Specie Aeterni (Of Maggots And Humanity)
09. The Joystream
10. Rage And Red [feat. Niklas Kvarforth]
11. Ita Mori

The Best Industrial / Cyber / Electronic Metal Album Of 2014

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - vocals
Irrumator - bass, guitars, programming

Guest musicians
Niklas Kvarforth - vocals
Duncan Wilkins - backing vocals

Additional info
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mick Kenney.

Staff review by
From the moment of my introduction to Anaal Nathrakh, I have always considered In The Constellation Of The Black Widow to be their best work. I sense a change on the horizon.

published 10.10.2014 | Comments (18)

Due to violent content, parental discretion is advised.

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Comments: 51   Visited by: 663 users
27.10.2014 - 18:06
Rating: 10
Amazing shit! Instafav!
27.10.2014 - 21:05
This isn't offensive. It's ok and all but AN definitely lost their appealing sound to me. Vanitas was the start, this the confirmation.
28.10.2014 - 20:34
Rating: 7

Sounds harmless, good but harmless...
29.10.2014 - 13:33
Rating: 9

Written by Groby94 on 26.10.2014 at 01:29

Being more of a prog kinda guy, I never expected two extreme metal albums to be my favorites this year (this and Septicflesh's Titan). Forty mintues of brutal awesomeness .

Being more of a doomster myself (especially for the last couple of years), I totally echo that sentiment - so far my album of the year is also between this and Titan! Maybe we're just more demanding and slightly critical of our "niche" genres due to overexposure and familiarity; these days it's getting harder for a doom, gothic, or symphonic metal album to leave a spectacular impact or impression on me since I've heard so much of that style - expertise raises expectations, you know? On the other hand, Anaal Nathrakh have become one of my go-to bands in the uncompromisingly brutal/venomous, extreme/black metal persuasion and I thoroughly enjoy (or rather, suffer and indulge masochistically in) their industrial/noise/horror elements.

Practically my entire music library manifests an orchestration of melancholic neurosis, so a dose of psychotic necro-vomit breaks up the mood quite nicely!
29.10.2014 - 14:00
Rating: 9

LOL at all the Kvarforth bashing here - It really does seem like you can only love the guy or hate him; either way it'd probably just encourage him further as Niklas thrives on controversy. He has never pretended otherwise though... Personally I'm a huge fan of Shining and his stage antics bother me much less than some of the other black metal bands'; however even in metal some of us haven't learned to separate the artist and his art. The guy is a bipolar schizophrenic - somehow it results in his music being more interesting - you're really going to despise or worship him for that?
P.S. I really like that Kistvaen song (never heard of the band before). Anyways,
31.10.2014 - 13:43
Rating: 9
Erotic Stains
Holy fuck!
02.11.2014 - 01:48

As good as vanitas. There are some incredibly catching songs like joystream and unleash
03.11.2014 - 01:13
Account deleted
By the looks of it, Eschaton looks destined to remain their magnum opus. Extremely... safe.
04.11.2014 - 03:50
Rating: 9

This album destroys their previous 2 albuns!! my favourite right next to black widow
04.11.2014 - 03:51
Rating: 9

Written by Warman on 31.10.2014 at 13:43

Holy fuck!

my exact reaction! possibly my favourite release this year
05.11.2014 - 23:20
Rating: 6
Giant robot
Nowhere near anything pre-All Hell Is Empty. Way too clean and overproduced. This sounds almost like Dimmu Borgir gone grind at times, track #5 especially.
06.11.2014 - 02:44
Darkside Momo
Liked it for what it is: un extreme indus metal album. Yet it's too safe and clean for Anaal Nathrakh.
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"I've lost too many years now
I'm stealing back my soul
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09.11.2014 - 20:54
Rating: 7

For me this is Anaal Nathrakh staying firmly in their comfort zone, and the album itself comes across very simplistic and straightforward. Not that there's anything wrong with that, or indeed that previous albums don't have a similar effect, but I think from listening to this that the band have sort of taken a step back, and for that reason I'm not quite as impressed as I was with "Vanitas". That said, there's still a lot of songs to like here if you're a fan of the band. For me the best ones are "Unleash", the title track and "The Joystream". Also, the industrial effects mostly give a slightly unnerving listen, especially when cutting straight through the metal parts.
19.11.2014 - 05:40
Stunning Cactus

This is a very unique experience thus far. Three songs in, I can say I am really enjoying the aural adventure. And the cleans...goosebumps, man.
09.12.2014 - 18:39
Rating: 9
Really addictive as mentioned before, this must be my favorite by them
22.12.2014 - 17:55
Rating: 9
Metal Addict
I enjoyed this album quite a lot. Even though, it didn't hit me as hard as Vanitas did, it's still one of my favourite releases this year.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
31.12.2014 - 11:57
Rating: 7
Cynic Metalhead
Paisa Vich Nasha
Well, Desideratum comes out to be a good record. Not superior nor average blown record.

Hell is Empty and Passion are far better records.
10.02.2015 - 18:32
Rating: 8
Not as great as vanitas. unleash, joystream and the one thing needful the best songs imo...
Υou've sold your human essence to the cold world of dead and empty things... You're SOLD!
11.02.2015 - 16:52

Written by Guest on 15.08.2014 at 23:30

Written by Ilham on 15.08.2014 at 23:19
Yeah why not.

Because Niklas is garbage.

Wow, that.. that's the same dude who fronts Shining? That's a shame. Looks like he went to Maynard James Dancing Academy.
11.02.2015 - 17:09
Account deleted
Don't insult Maynard James that way.
31.08.2015 - 11:00

Written by Guest on 11.02.2015 at 17:09

Don't insult Maynard James that way.

MJK is best dancer.

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