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Soen - Tellurian

8.3 | 329 votes |
Release date: 3 November 2014
Style: Progressive metal, Alternative metal


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01. Komenco
02. Tabula Rasa
03. Kuraman
04. The Words
05. Pluton
06. Koniskas
07. Ennui
08. Void
09. The Other's Fall

The Best Alternative Metal Album Of 2014

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It's a shame what Tool have become; a band no longer able to fulfil a promise. Taking up the reigns are Soen, who are certain to fulfil their own promises when Cognitive comes to Tellurian.

published 01.11.2014 | Comments (17)

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03.11.2014 - 14:46
Rating: 10

Wow, what a masterpiece
We are the priest of the temple of Synix
04.11.2014 - 01:07

This album art unsettles me more than anything by Cannibal Corpse/Devourment/etc.
If you're 666 then I'm 777
04.11.2014 - 01:39
Rating: 8
High Fist Prog
A definite improvement over their debut and the variety is refreshing Most certainly not a Tool rip-off at this point. Unfortunately some of the melodies found in the clean passages sound uninspired, especially with regards to the vocals
04.11.2014 - 20:40
Rating: 7

It's pretty good, however the vocals are nothing special, and the album had a hard time maintaining my interest.
04.11.2014 - 22:28
Rating: 8

Written by Wukk on 04.11.2014 at 01:07

This album art unsettles me more than anything by Cannibal Corpse/Devourment/etc.

I agree but it's still Fucking Awesome!
04.11.2014 - 22:46
Rating: 10

Easily the best album of 2014. It's rare for me to find an album that doesn't have a single weak moment on it but Tellurian has broken that for me. One of the best albums I've ever heard and a massive, shattering followup over their debut, which I already loved.
04.11.2014 - 23:50

Can't stop listening to Kuraman right now ... what a fucking awesome song.. love this album!!
05.11.2014 - 02:59
Joe Zombie

Meh. Great musicianship for sure, but certainly not deserving of the score it has at the moment IMO. Average vocals and I couldn't help but feel bored at times throughout listening. Kuraman and Pluton were a couple tracks I did enjoy. Overall I'd say its a good but underwhelming record. I'll give it a few more listens but I don't think this is one I'll be revisiting often.
05.11.2014 - 05:27
Rating: 8

Solid on the first two listens. Pretty much all of the good Tool moments without all the filler. A fully fleshed out and complete album that I'm sure I'll come to like more with more listens.
12.11.2014 - 20:13
Frank Comstock

Sounds less like Tool, which is probably my main problem with the first album. I love the drums in particular, Lopez is one of my favorite Metal drummers, and I think he's free to do more musically with this band.
"You travel within the glory of my memories, insect. I can feel your fear as you tread the endless expanse of my mind. Make yourself comfortable... before long I will decorate my home with your carcass."
13.11.2014 - 15:17
Rating: 9
Addictive stuff.
16.11.2014 - 20:01
Rating: 8

I give this an 8. While they have developed a more unique sound that is certainly more differentiated from Tool, their new identity isn't quite as interesting as some of the other alternative metal acts. If you want more music like this, I highly recommend Cire (the Adrenological album in particular), The Mayan Factor, Karnivool and Rishloo slightly before this band. Soen's vocalist is still a little too boring for my taste.

That being said, there are some astounding moments on this record. In particular, the second half is pretty solid.
07.12.2014 - 19:03
Rating: 7

This album has a very smooth progression throughout-none of the added layers ever feel forced or unnatural, and so everything here works in a coherent way. What stops me from rating this higher however is the lack of excitement I got from the overall sound. The musicianship is certainly experimental and even dynamic in places, but at the end I was left wanting a lot more, and especially from the vocal delivery. Nonetheless, a few songs really impressed me here, namely "The Words" and closer "The Other's Fall".

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