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Project Pain - Brothers In Blood

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Release date: 20 January 2018
Style: Thrash metal


3 have it

01. Primator
02. Final March
03. Silent Invader
04. Eternal Flames
05. Decay
06. Brothers In Blood
07. Regret Nothing
08. Fueled By Fear...
09. ...Driven By Hate
10. I Don't Give A Fuck

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Many moons ago some dumbass when writing about thrash laid down the following law:

"?as that horns-tossing metal dude Shakespeare once quoth, "Brevity is the soul of Thrash"... there is a reason the genre's best (Reign In Blood, Bonded By Blood, Peace Sells Blood, Master Of Blood, Eternal Bloodmare, and Darkness Descends... In Blood) all clock in in the 30-40 minute range."

published 31.01.2018 | Comments (3)

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