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Mortal Love

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Country: Norway

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Formed in: 2000
Disbanded in: 2011

2000-2011 Gothic metal


2000-2011  Catherine "Cat" Nyland - vocals
2000-2011  Hans Olav "Lev" Kjeljebakken - bass, vocals
2000-2011  Lars "Rain6" Bæk - guitars
2000-2011  Pål Wasa "Damous" Johansen - drums
2005-2011  "Mulciber" - keyboards
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2000-2005  Ørjan Jacobsen - guitars
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2002-2005  "Zet" - keyboards

Latest reviews

Mortal Love are hailing from Norway, and they're playing female fronted Gothic Metal, think The Gathering, Mandylion era, but a lot of years later and with less surprises.
The result? Well, a well-balanced album, nothing new, nothing outstanding...   Review by Undercraft ››

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